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Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: With the new year approaching, so comes the resolutions to be healthier. Part of that plan typically includes going to the gym more often or joining a fitness class like yoga or spinning, but one of the biggest goals is to eat healthier. A lot of people fail because they think and plan too big and then when it comes down to executing their plans, they feel intimidated with the work and end up giving up and resorting to old habits. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be a big, scary thing. It can be easy when you make a reasonable, attainable plan for yourself. Guest blogger, Sara, is sharing how you can execute a simple yet effective weekly meal plan to help reach your health goals – read on for some great suggestions!

Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Good health is usually attributed to eating healthy and working out on a daily basis. While these are important factors that help improve the overall health, there are several other aspects that impact health such as physical or mental stress and even the environment. So as you focus on dietary and exercise regime it is also very vital that you take time off and relax in a comfortable massage chair; this can really help to de-stress and clear the mind.

As far as focusing on the diet is concerned, there are several meal plans which you can refer to for a healthier lifestyle.

Here is a simple meal plan which can be followed:

Meal Planning – Day 1Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Have a heavy breakfast such as boiled eggs or avocado toast. It is better to have a small snack before lunch as that will reduce the quantity that you will consume during lunch time. Fruits and vegetables can work as the perfect snack during meals.

For lunch, indulge in greens with a bit of dressing for flavour. A minimalist approach towards dinner is the best way to go such as steamed salmon or boiled chicken.

Meal Planning – Day 2Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

To switch things up, cereal for breakfast is a great option. Moving on from that to a fruit snack then a tasty lunch will make the day even better!

Hummus with vegetables is a really good lunch idea for someone who wants to follow weekly meal plans since it does not have an elaborate preparation time. Since hummus is quite filling, a fruits snack for dinner or a salad is the perfect way to end the day.

Meal Planning – Day 3

Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

For breakfast, overnight oats with strawberries and blueberries are not only good for health but taste really good too!

If you want a more exciting dinner, then for lunch, it is best to stick to a noodle salad. Then for dinner, you have the option to go for grilled chicken breasts with quinoa.

Meal Planning  – Day 4Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

While you are on a meal plan, it is best to switch to bran bread or whole-wheat since that is quite less fattening than white bread. Chicken breast with a side of salad can be opted for as a lunch meal and to close off the day, pair cod with brown rice to have the perfect end to the 4th day of your meal plan.

Meal Planning – Day 5Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Since breakfast options can be quite limited, rolled oats with strawberries can be something new to try during meal plans.

For lunch, toasted tortillas are a different option and can make a flavoursome meal for the day. Cauliflower fried rice with chicken for dinner is a bit different but definitely something to try.

Meal Planning – Day 6Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

There is no harm in repeating meals so there is a choice between overnight oats or bran cereal to choose from for breakfast. Grilled chicken is a popular choice for a heavier lunch and to even out the day’s meal, you can have a salad with dressing for dinner.

Meal Planning – Day 7Weekly Meal Plan for Good Health | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Now for the last day, it is only fair to indulge in food a bit more. So egg toast for breakfast followed by grilled fish with spinach side for lunch is the best way to start the last meal plan. Moreover, you can end the day on a high note with grilled chicken for dinner.

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