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The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials

The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials

Winter is coming. If you’re a Canadian reader, you’re probably already living winter conditions although it still is technically Fall (FYI – Winter is officially here on December 21). Maybe the cold weather has set in but you haven’t experienced any snow yet but you might be experiencing the telltale signs of dry hair and skin. Instead of going through the days dried out and looking flaky like a pie crust, it’s about time to swap out the ways (and products) of warmer weather and start transitioning for the long, cold winter ahead. Today, I’m sharing my ultimate guide to winter essentials to help get you started before you officially hibernate for the winter.The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials | Lifestyle Queen Bee

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SKIN Essentials

Skin Essentials:The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials | Lifestyle Queen Bee

  1. Body Oil
    The lack of humidity and cold air in the winter causes your skin to dry out, leaving you feeling in need of hydration. Most people think the best way to achieve this is with body lotions but these creamy mixtures tend to rub off quickly and before you know it, your skin is dry again. As an alternative, body oils help keep your skin moisturized while relaxing your mind and improving your body’s overall health.

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2. Hydrating Face Mask
A face mask is the perfect treatment to help you with your skin care concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and hydration. In the winter, a face mask is a welcome treat to your dry skin. You can buy a pre-made face mask at the store like LUSH Cosmetics, pamper yourself with a luxurious mask at the spa or whip up your own at home.

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3. Sunscreen
Did you know that sunscreen is not just for summer? The UVA and UVB rays from the sun are still strong, even in those cold, bleary days. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin 20 minutes before heading out (be sure to reapply every two hours). When choosing a sunscreen, be sure that it has an SPF of 15-30 and protects against both UVA & UVB light. You can even make it easier to apply sunscreen on the daily by using a moisturizers that contains sunscreen.

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4. Sugar Scrubs
Scrubs are the most natural way to soften, exfoliate and to freshen up your winter skin. Sugar has a fine texture that gently exfoliates skin without leaving harmful residue that can clog your pores. Sugar scrubs also have benefits over salt scrubs. The small sugar granules are gentler than salt, which can cause microscopic tears. Sugar also has natural humectants properties, which are more hydrating than salt, which can strip skin of its natural oils.

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5. Super-Rich Moisturizer
You’ll want to top up your moisture levels by applying a rich moisturizer onto your skin to help keep it soft and supple. Using a moisturizer infused with essential oils, such as jojoba oil, will help to bring your skin from flaky to hydrated in no time.

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hair essentials

Hair Essentials:The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials | Lifestyle Queen Bee

  1. Hair Masks
    Your strands (& scalp when you don’t wear a hat) are exposed to the dry, winter elements of frigid temperatures & winter winds. This exposure can be so harsh on your hair, making it more susceptible to breakage. A great way to reverse some of the damage is to treat your hair like you would your face and apply a healthy hair mask once a week, paying particular attention to the ends.
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  3. Deep Conditioner
    Getting into the routine of using a deep conditioner has some restorative benefits for your hair. It can help your dry hair bounce back from the near dead, improve your strands strength & elasticity and improve it’s overall appearance. You should also be keeping the protein in your hair so incorporating products with keratin will help achieve this goal.
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  5. Scented Dry Shampoo
    I’m sure you’ve heard the benefits of dry shampoo before – that it can make flat, greasy hair look good in a pinch, but there’s another benefit to dry shampoo. Washing your hair in the winter can strip your strands of natural, protective oils making it more susceptible to dryness and breakage. Taking breaks in between your washing, you can implement the use of dry shampoo to help keep your hair smelling and looking clean but also giving your hair a break every few days.
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  7. Argan Oil
    Argan oil is proven to make your hair softer, silkier and shinier. It acts as a moisturizer for the scalrp to help fight dandruff and dry scalp. It even helps to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. While you can use argan oil as it is, it also is infused in various products for your hair and skin such as moisturizers, hair masks, and shampoo & conditioners.
  8. LQB RecommendsPURA D’OR Moroccan Argan Oil 100% Pure & USDA Organic For Face, Hair, Skin & Nails, 4 Fluid Ounce
  9. Heat Protectant
    As women, we tend to abuse our hair with all the blow drying, brushing, flat irons & curling irons. All this heat can damage the hair, especially in the winter months when your hair tends to be much drier. While taking a break from heat styling is great (try rocking a cute bun to not only keep the heat away but by protecting your hair from the elements with minimal strand exposure) but using a heat protectant when you do heat style will act as a layer of protection.
  10. LQB RecommendsCantu Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protectant 5.1oz

beauty essentials

Beauty Essentials:The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials | Lifestyle Queen Bee

  1. Silicone-Based Eyeliner
    Your eyes tend to water more in the winter as they try to keep your eyes properly lubricated thanks to the dry air. This watering can cause your perfectly lines eyes to run, making you look more raccoon chic than runway ready. A silicone based eyeliner can help fight this by staying put (even through tears).LQB Recommendsstila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, Damsel
  2. Lip Scrub
    Just as important as it is to give your dry skin a scrub, so it is for your lips. Think about it: your lips are always exposed to the elements which mean they can take a brunt of the damage such as dry, chapped lips and even sun burn! Keep your pout protected by not only ensuring you’re using rich lip balms with UVA and UVB protection but that you’re also scrubbing away the dry skin to keep you looking kissable past midnight on New Year’s Eve!LQB RecommendsBliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub, 0.5 Ounce
  3. Makeup Remover Wipes
    Your skin changes with the seasons. There is nothing you can do about it other than to adapt. Continuing to use your skin care routine from the summer won’t benefit you in the colder months as your skin has different needs in different weather. With your face being exposed to the elements and then being washed after along day of wearing makeup, your skin can be dried out and looking flaky. Keep moisture locked in your skin & wipe the day (& your makeup)  away by using a moisturizing make-up remover wipe.LQB RecommendsOlay Fresh Effects Everything Off Deluxe Make-Up Removal Wet Cloths, 25 Cloths Per Pack- Packaging May Vary
  4. Winter Fragrance
    Update your signature summer scent and transition it into one that’s fitting for Fall. Summer scents tend to be more floral and fruity, which doesn’t exactly make you think of Winter. A winter scent can still incorporate fruity notes, but adding a spicy element helps make you feel like warming up by the fireplace on a cold night.LQB RecommendsVera Wang Princess Night Eau De Toiletter Spray, 3.4 Ounce
  5. Lip Moisturizer
    Your lips naturally produce an oil that keep them moist but during the winter, this thin layer is easily licked off, leaving your lips exposed & in perfect condition for drying out. Getting rid of the dry skin with a scrub is great, but you need to protect your lips from any further damage by keeping them moisturized. Applying a lip moisturize daily (and several times in that day) can help stave off those uncomfortable dry, cracked lips.LQB RecommendsEUCERIN Intensive Lip Balm 10ml



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