Must Have Beauty Items For Your Next Vacation | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Must-Have Beauty Items for Your Next Vacation

Must Have Beauty Items For Your Next Vacation | Lifestyle Queen Bee

From celebrities to the average girl on the street, we have all witnessed what bad makeup looks like and just how obvious it becomes in natural lighting. Most of us don’t possess mega windows, hence we can’t have much Continue reading “Must-Have Beauty Items for Your Next Vacation”

5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By | Lifestyle Queen Bee

5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Having a nightly routine is beneficial to ensure you are regularly maintaining not only your health but your hair and skin. I wrote about developing a nightly skin routine (you can check that post out here if you missed it) but today’s post highlights the Continue reading “5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By”

4 Body Parts You Should Never Forget in Your Skincare Routine

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Taking care of your skin is vital, especially as we age. We always focus on maintaining our face, minimizing wrinkles around our eyes and keeping our body moisturized and healthy but we tend to overlook places on our body that need Continue reading “4 Body Parts You Should Never Forget in Your Skincare Routine”

4 Common Beauty Myths Busted

Note from Lifestyle Queen Bee: Happy Thursday! It’s been a busy week for me with finishing off some subcontract Virtual Assistant work and sending out proposals & setting up Discovery calls with some potential clients that I am thanking my lucky stars for these amazing guests posts! Today, my guest is Aurora M and she’s here to debunk some Continue reading “4 Common Beauty Myths Busted”

Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Genius Review

I am a HUGE beauty fanatic. Makeup, hair, skincare, you name it. While some things tend to be more about creating a new look or feel for yourself, the other aspect is self-care. Taking care of yourself, including your skin, is vital. Ever since I was a pre-teen, I have been on a journey of finding the best products that will help me to put my best face forward. One of the struggles in trying to find such products is the trial and error you go through. Buying a product based on how cute the packaging is or how nice it smells can only get you so far when it comes down to putting that stuff on your face. While reading a magazine article or watching a commercial on TV can help give you more details about a particular product, I find nothing does it best than to read a review about someone who has the same skin issues as me (large pores & oily, blemish prone skin) tell me if this is a hit or a pass. One of the reasons I started my blog was to do be able to Continue reading “Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Genius Review”

The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials

Winter is coming. If you’re a Canadian reader, you’re probably already living winter conditions although it still is technically Fall (FYI – Winter is officially here on December 21). Maybe the cold weather has set in but you haven’t experienced any snow yet but you might be experiencing the telltale signs of dry hair and skin. Instead of going through the days dried out and looking flaky like a pie crust, it’s about time to swap out the ways (and products) of warmer weather and start transitioning for the long, cold winter ahead. Today, I’m sharing my ultimate guide to winter essentials to help get you started before you officially hibernate for the winter. Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials”

An A to Z Guide on Living a Fuller Life

An A to Z Guide to Living a More Fulfilling Life | Lifestyle Queen BeeMany of us want to improve ourselves and add it to our daily goals to achieve it. While there are tons of books, blog posts (like this one!) & general suggestions on how you can go about this, what better way to lay out a few ideas by making it as easy as your A-B-C’s? While this blog post is set up in a fun format, Continue reading “An A to Z Guide on Living a Fuller Life”