5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By | Lifestyle Queen Bee

5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Having a nightly routine is beneficial to ensure you are regularly maintaining not only your health but your hair and skin. I wrote about developing a nightly skin routine (you can check that post out here if you missed it) but today’s post highlights the Continue reading “5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By”

Signs You're Depressed & Not Just Sad | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Signs You’re Depressed, and Not Just Sad

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: We all have those moments where life doesn’t seem to be going the way we want and we feel stressed, angry and even sad. It’s normal to feel this way but feeling sad all the time? Not feeling interested in the things you used to or even care about your appearance? That might be a red flag there’s more to your feelings than just ‘being sad’. My Guest Blogger, Alex Sabin, compares the nuances between Continue reading “Signs You’re Depressed, and Not Just Sad”

Introducing More Fish into Your Diet

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Can I be honest for a sec? I HATE seafood. I can eat tuna 1-2 times a year and every so often can pop a few popcorn shrimps into my mouth but that’s as far as it goes. Bring the daughter of a woman born in St. Lucia with 4 of my 5 older siblings being born there + being HUGE seafood lovers, I definitely was the odd (wo)man out. Given the fact I am anemic (iron deficiency) and I don’t eat seafood or eggs (both which are great sources of the iron I need), let’s just say it’s been a challenge to maintain my iron levels. While I am not a huge fan of seafood, I know I’m in the minority. Aside from the great intake of iron you get from consuming fish, there are other great health benefits. My guest, Ian, is giving you all some ways on how you can Continue reading “Introducing More Fish into Your Diet”

4 Body Parts You Should Never Forget in Your Skincare Routine

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Taking care of your skin is vital, especially as we age. We always focus on maintaining our face, minimizing wrinkles around our eyes and keeping our body moisturized and healthy but we tend to overlook places on our body that need Continue reading “4 Body Parts You Should Never Forget in Your Skincare Routine”

How Sleep Helps You Reclaim Your Chill | Lifestyle Queen Bee

How Sleep Helps You Reclaim Your Chill

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I LOVE sleep. Nothing is better than getting to bed after a long and busy day. And don’t get me started on a good weekend nap. While I am a lover of sleep, I must confess I am not the greatest at ensuring I get the most rest possible. I tend to go to bed waaaay later than I should during the week and then I’m hitting the snooze like crazy come morning. With life being so busy, we keep trying to squeeze more and more into our day and that means, cutting things out like our sleep. Do you realize how vital a good night’s sleep is not just for your rest but for your actual health? I know, I’m guilty of overlooking this too. That’s why today’s post is one to remind us how to reclaim our sleep & in turn, our chill.

It might seem obvious that quality sleep is helpful. Indeed even without understanding what it really accomplishes, we realize that sleep deprivation makes us feel ghastly and that getting a good quality sleep can make us prepared to face another day.

Scientists have tried really hard to fully understand the benefits of sleep. By doing research studies on animals and humans, they have found that sleep assumes a basic part in boosting immunity, digestion, memory, and learning among other indispensable functions.

 Is Sleep Actually Important?

Despite the fact that researchers aren’t certain why sleep is necessary, they have numerous ideas regarding the importance of this puzzling element in life. While some of these functions have less significance, some, like the importance of sleep in enhancing recollections and general well-being, appears to be quite pertinent to all our lives.

While we may not frequently consider why we sleep, most of us do recognize that sleep makes us feel better. We feel more energetic, alert, joyful and more able to function after a decent night of sleep.

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

Besides learning the importance of sleep, the question many people ask is “How much sleep do I need?” The National Sleep Foundation did a study to find the answer to this question. Sifting through several research articles, the experts took into consideration the health benefits and risks associated with sleep and put forward recommendations on the right amount of sleep one should have. According to their recommendations, based on a thorough analysis of the studies, children below 9 years need 11 hours, teenagers-10 hours and adults on average 8 hours. According to Doctor Lydiah DonCarlos from Loyola University, more research into sleep is needed.

How Healthy Sleep Routines Keeps You Healthy, Calm and Relaxed

The National Sleep Foundation points out that consistent lack of sleep may prompt a variety of serious medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, early mortality and even heart disease.

The following are some of the health benefits of sleep that you should know:

Sleep Repairs Your Body

During sleep, your body delivers additional protein molecules that reinforce your capacity to battle disease to keep you healthy. The molecules help boost the immune system that retouches your body at cell level when exposed to infectious bacteria, pollutants or stressed.

Sleep Helps To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Your cardiovascular framework is always under pressure and sleep helps lower stress levels and inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the main cause of heart disease and strokes. Quality sleep also helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check at all times.

Sleep Reduces Stress

With a decent sleep, you are in a better position to lower blood pressure and lift levels of stress hormones which result due to a stressful lifestyle.

Sleep Enhances Memory

If you have gone for days without sleep, you often experience the “foggy” feeling. This makes it hard to even think! This can result in serious memory issues as well. A better quality sleep dispenses this, as sleep is the time where your memories are converted to

This can result in serious memory issues as well. A better quality sleep dispenses this, as sleep is the time where your memories are converted to long-term memories. With a better sleep, your brain can, therefore, be in a position to process new information and learn better.

Sleep Controls Body Weight Issues

Sleep controls the hormones that affect and control your hunger. Studies indicate that lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance and appetite increases. There are many health problems associated with being overweight, such as blood pressure and obesity which will completely stress you out.

The benefits of sleep are broad and can have many kinds of effects on the quality and length of your life. With such benefits, you are able to boost and lead a healthy, calm and relaxed life.

Great post, Clarissa – Thanks so much for sharing these insightful tips on how important sleep is to our health!

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Author Bio: Sarah is the Editor of Sleepy Deep. Feeling the repercussions of being an irregular sleeper for far too long, she decided to do something about it. She learned why sleep is so important and how to maximize it, and is now helping others who are struggling to find their right sleep routine.

Feeling the repercussions of being an irregular sleeper for far too long, she decided to do something about it. She learned why sleep is so important and how to maximize it, and is now helping others who are struggling to find their right sleep routine.

Do You Struggle With Anxiety? | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Do You Struggle With Anxiety?

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I have anxiety. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. A lot of people misinterpret worry for anxiety. Anxiety can really impact your life by always preventing you from doing the things you enjoy or even need to do. People with anxiety often feel embarrassed to let people know & suffer in silence. Personally, I have no problems sharing my struggles with anxiety with people (I also have OCD) so this post, shared with us by one of my regular guests Christine H, is for those who are struggling with anxiety & providing you with ways to cope with it. Continue reading “Do You Struggle With Anxiety?”

The One Thing That You Need For That Ultimate Life Change | Lifestyle Queen Bee

The One Thing That You Need for That Ultimate Life Change

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: At one point in our life, we fall into a rut. We never mean to get there; it kinda just happens. While having a routine can help keep you organized and structured, it also is one of the first things that traps you in the same old thing, day in and day out. A lot of times, once we’ve found ourselves in a rut, we’re not quite sure how to get out. Today’s post, by guest blogger Kelly Walsh from essaychip, is sharing with us that one thing we need to help us make a change in our lives.

Okay. I get it. Nothing ever seems right. I mean, you keep on doing your best. You do your best at the office. You do your best getting along with people you’re not very close with. You do your best to be a good son or daughter. The list goes on.

To be really honest, you actually have no idea why everything in your life seems wrong. As far as you know, you’ve doing what you think is right. Yet, nothing good seems to come out of it.

These sort of things keeps on going on and on in your head, even when you know the answer to your musings. You know that you’re not really the reason these things are happening. I mean, you’re not the only one living on this vast planet. Even if you try to do everything right, things can still go wrong because other creatures affect your life too.

But even if you keep that thought in your head all the time, it will do nothing to cheer you up. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re beating yourself off trying to make things right, but things just never go right.

You want to change the way you live. You want to wake up someday and just laugh at this matter, but you just can’t.

You’ve already read all the life-improvement books you can possibly read. They’re not working. It’s either that or you’re just not following their advice right.

Look, it’s not you. The real reason why your life is like this is because you have no outlet. The truth is you’re not alone. We all go through these sorts of things. You’re not the only one who thinks that nothing in his life is going right. Everyone does it. The only difference is other people know how to go with it. The answer all lies in an outlet. You need something that can help you let all your frustrations out.

Here’s another truth you probably hear every time, but just never took the time to think about: life is unfair. That’s that. You have to deal with that fact. You should know how to move on when things don’t go exactly as you planned.

What does an outlet have anything to do with my life?

Well, that’s a pretty good question.

I mean, if you want to change your life, then there’s your answer. You need to change, but it’s not that simple.

You might be thinking of that big change, but unless you completely throw your grudges and negative experiences in the trash bin, it’ll keep on haunting you, and then you’ll never be able to reach the finish line of the “change” race.

Do you know what you really need?

No, you don’t need another one of those best-selling life-improvement books. What you need is a blog.  It’s just perfect. How come? Well, read on to find out.

  1. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it

You don’t have to worry about making mistakes. You don’t have to worry about anything else going wrong.

Isn’t that what brought you in this state in the first place? The fear of losing? The fear of failure? The fear of criticism?

It’s good to know that when everything in your life fails, there is someplace you can go where you don’t have to ever worry about messing up, and that’s online, on your blog.

You can write about your life in any way you want. You can say anything you want. Once you let it all out changing your life will come easy.

  1. You’ll be connected with the right kind of people

We don’t get to choose the people we are surrounded with. Sometimes we do, but most of the time it’s the opposite.

I mean, we have the freedom to choose the kind of friends we have, but having a specific group of friends doesn’t mean that other people can’t affect us. Their decision matters in our lives.

We live on one planet. Whatever they do we’ll all be affected at some point. When things go bad, we can feel like we have no one to turn to, especially if we’re surrounded by people who don’t share the same views, but through a blog, you’ll be able to meet and befriend people who share the same values as you.

Thanks for such an insightful post, Kelly! 

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Author Bio

Kelly E. Walsh lives in South Carolina. She is a graduate of BS in Computer Science but preferred pursuing her writing career instead. Mostly because she loves telling stories and sharing her knowledge through writing.

She is currently writing for essaychip.com on a regular basis and do ghost writing for some companies as well.