LQB Blogger Interview: Shruti Tewari | Strike A Chord

I was 11 years old when I realized my love for fashion. Growing up with 3 older sisters (youngest of 6 kids in total!), it wasn’t a surprise I came to discover this love after playing in all their closets. I found myself wanting to go shopping with them, asking for clothes for Christmas instead of toys and buying magazines like Teen People and Glamour, with my allowance. I chose to go with a Lifestyle blog so that I while I could write about beauty, DIY and all the other things I’m passionate about, I could still write about my love for fashion. I have been making more of an effort to feature more fashion in my social media posts and am slowly but surely, bringing fashion to the blog. Today, I’m featuring Lifestyle Blogger, Shruti Tewari from Strike A Chord, who taps right into my love of fashion – and I’m sure you’re going to love her too! She’s Continue reading “LQB Blogger Interview: Shruti Tewari | Strike A Chord”

Small Business Spotlight: Shalon Chambers | Locd Like Me

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you know I’ve been running a monthly feature on fellow bloggers where I showcase who they are as a blogger and most often, have them also provide a guest post so you can get a sample of their amazing work. This month, I am happy to announce a new feature – Small Business Spotlight. While I will still continue to feature amazing bloggers, I wanted to also highlight some amazing small businesses and the brains behind the operation. My first small business spotlight is on Shalon Chambers from Continue reading “Small Business Spotlight: Shalon Chambers | Locd Like Me”

LQB Blogger Interview: Dawn Craven

As I get closer to my one year blog anniversary, one thing I have truly enjoyed was getting the opportunity to (virtually) meet so many talented, amazing bloggers! My monthly blogger feature was something that was slow to start but has picked up tremendously so thank you to all the past features & I’m excited to share all the great ones scheduled! Today, I’m introducing you all Continue reading “LQB Blogger Interview: Dawn Craven”

LQB Blogger Interview: Nicole Noworyta

Hey guys! Today, I’m featuring fellow blogger, Nicole Noworyta from the blog, The Free Spirit.

“Nicole is a Canadian girl on a quest to explore the earth while trying to save it at the same time. A recent graduate trying to find her place in the world, a vegetarian, a traveler, an environmentalist, and a dreamer; she finds a way to make all her dreams work simultaneously. Nicole writes thefreespirit.co, a travel and sustainable fashion blog, giving readers a unique insight into exciting and ethical travel, while providing information for travellers to inspire their next adventure.” Continue reading “LQB Blogger Interview: Nicole Noworyta”

LQB Blogger Feature: Ashlyn Bradbury

Happy February everyone! Another month means another opportunity to feature more awesome bloggers with you! Today, I’m featuring fellow blogger, Ashlyn Bradbury, from her blog, Ashlyn Bradbury. Ashlyn is a new-ish blogger who is definitely one to watch! Her blog is beautifully laid out and has some amazing content – it is well worth popping over to check out BUT before you go, stay awhile & get to know Continue reading “LQB Blogger Feature: Ashlyn Bradbury”

LQB Blogger Interview: Melanie Seiler / Conifer Investing

Wow! I can’t believe January is almost over! Does the year still feel shiny & new to you or do you feel yourself slowlyyyy creeping back towards your comfort zone & away from your set goals? If the latter is your answer, then it’s time you reset your mind & kick your butt back into gear! Can I make 2 small suggestions? 1) A great planner helps to track not only your time BUT your goals (Don’t know where to start? Check out my post on the Top 5 Planners You Need to Make 2017 Successful) and 2) Help useful actually achieve your goals by checking out my Ultimate Guide to Setting Goals. Now before you run off to read these great posts, stick around to meet Melanie Seiler from Conifer Investing (my 2nd Blogger Feature of 2017!). In case you’re thinking to yourself Continue reading “LQB Blogger Interview: Melanie Seiler / Conifer Investing”

LQB Blogger Interview: Erin Angela / Glitter & Mojitos


 It’s now been a little over a week since 2017 has started – how are you doing with your resolutions at this rate? Hopefully you’re all still going strong! One of my goals for the year was to feature more amazing bloggers & creative types on my blog as my theme for 2017 is growth, support & success. While I featured bloggers on a monthly basis last year, I’ve had an EXPLOSION of interest from others being featured so I’ll be featuring some amazing people over the next few weeks – be prepared to get to know some kick ass bloggers as well as Continue reading “LQB Blogger Interview: Erin Angela / Glitter & Mojitos”