Guest Post: Do You Struggle With Anxiety?

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I have anxiety. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. A lot of people misinterpret worry for anxiety. Anxiety can really impact your life by always preventing you from doing the things you enjoy or even need to do. People with anxiety often feel embarrassed to let people know & suffer in silence. Personally, I have no problems sharing my struggles with anxiety with people (I also have OCD) so this post, shared with us by one of my regular guests Christine H, is for those who are struggling with anxiety & providing you with ways to cope with it. Continue reading “Guest Post: Do You Struggle With Anxiety?”

Guest Post: 50 Life Changes for Happy & Healthier Living

Note from Lana |Lifestyle Queen Bee: Do you guys remember my blogger feature on Dawn Craven from My Life In A Blog? (If you missed the interview, check it out here). She’s back today with a spectacular guest post on 50 ways to live a healthier & happier existence. With the warmer weather ahead, it’s time to shake off those winter cobwebs & get ready to enjoy life (& outside!) again.

Sometimes all we need is a tiny little Continue reading “Guest Post: 50 Life Changes for Happy & Healthier Living”

An A to Z Guide on Living a Fuller Life

An A to Z Guide to Living a More Fulfilling Life | Lifestyle Queen BeeMany of us want to improve ourselves and add it to our daily goals to achieve it. While there are tons of books, blog posts (like this one!) & general suggestions on how you can go about this, what better way to lay out a few ideas by making it as easy as your A-B-C’s? While this blog post is set up in a fun format, Continue reading “An A to Z Guide on Living a Fuller Life”

Here Are My 20 Goals for Fall. What Are Yours?

If you follow me on Social Media or even read my last post, you’ll know I have a soft spot in my heart for Fall. While some people are sad to see Fall come around as it marks the end of Summer and warm weather, I like to look at it positively. Fall means a time for new beginnings and change. It’s also a time to reset your goals and refocus for the final months of the year. I like to set goals for not only myself personally, but for Continue reading “Here Are My 20 Goals for Fall. What Are Yours?”

Feeling Stuck? Here Are 10 Ways to Feel Better

Summer is typically a season for fun & happiness. There are weddings to attend, road trips to take and lounging by the [insert the body of water of your choice here]. It seems impossible to feel anything less than stellar waking up to sunshine but life doesn’t exactly wait for a more ideal time to make you feel low. Mid to late Summer tends to bring on these feelings thinking about the Fall and ‘going back to reality’ – and maybe that reality leaves you feeling stuck.

When you’re feeling stuck, whether it’s in a job you hate or in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the feeling sucks. You may feel like nothing you do is helping make the situation better or you may not even know what to do to start feeling better but one thing’s for sure Continue reading “Feeling Stuck? Here Are 10 Ways to Feel Better”

5 Great Self-Care & Productivity Tips for Creatives

Guys, it’s Thursday – we’ve almost made it to the weekend! Woohoo! Over at the beehive (aka the Coynes), we’re preparing for guests to visit this weekend – which includes a Blue Jays game, lots of food, some adult bevvies and a whole lot of fun. This also means late nights, running on little sleep and not a whole lot of blogging time (eep!). While no one ever really has to tell us twice to make time for fun, it’s really hard for self-made ladies like us to actually practice good habits and take care of ourselves. So before we head into another fun-filled weekend, Continue reading “5 Great Self-Care & Productivity Tips for Creatives”

Brushing w/ Activated Charcoal + 5 Things To Do This Weekend

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Brushing with Activated Charcoal + 5 Things To Do This Weekend |

Nobody wants to have yellow teeth. Sometimes you don’t even realize your sparkling white smile has taken a downward turn until you wear that new shade if red lipstick and *gasp* see the difference in your smile. Embarrassing, right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve all had moments of ‘less than stellar white’ smiles. That coffee-a-day (or 2 – guilty as charged) doesn’t exactly help your cause. Now before you lose your mind thinking I’m going to suggest quitting your much required daily cup of sanity, I’ve got a solution for you – Charcoal.

No, No. Not the kind you’ll be using this weekend to fire up the grill. Activated charcoal which is totally safe (& good for you!) to consume. Before you write me off as crazy, Continue reading “Brushing w/ Activated Charcoal + 5 Things To Do This Weekend”