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Essential Websites Every #Girlboss Needs to Be Religiously Following

Essential Websites Every #Girlboss Needs to Be Religiously Following

Have you decided to FINALLY start that blog you’ve been putting off or started your own business this year? Well, congratulations & welcome to #girlboss status! Going after your dreams, no matter how big or small, can be exciting & scary! You’ve finally taking the step in the direction of creating a life that you want to live but that also means feeling overwhelmed by all there is to know & being right at the tip of the iceberg. While we’ve all been there (hell, I’m still a newbie!), I’m here to direct you to a few websites that are a perfect fit for you and this new venture. You need to surround yourself with like-minded ladies doing their own thing & these places will make you feel just like home.

[ The Creme de la Creme of Websites For Female Entrepreneurs ] 

  1. Every Girl
    I’m sure this website does not come as a surprise (I mean, have you seen their Instagram feed?! #goals). The Every Girl is literally that –  a website designed to help every girl master life & business one fascinating blog post at a time. While this blog does help us ladies kick some serious business butt, it also reminds us we’re delicate flowers and need to nurture our bodies & minds. If you haven’t signed up for their newsletter, get on it now, girl!
  2. Levo League
    I discovered Levo League by random at my last job. I subscribed to the newsletter but made the terrible decision to send them to my work email. Well, my email was always overflowing so I often hit delete or filed the email to read later but never did. Fast forward to last year and I came across a brilliant post that ended up being on their blog. We were once again reunited. This time, I signed up using my personal email and made a point of reading the emails. Levo League gives great advice, helps you develop your own personal brand and even connects with others in your area! This gives you the chance to network and attend amazing events!
  3. Boss Babe
    This website is for us millenial entrepreneurs! It helps us to grow and nurture that ambitious fire that burns within our gorgeous bellies. I never leave that website without feeling empowered! They also have a Boss Babe Academy you can join for a low monthly fee to get access to essential tolls & resources.
  4. Female Entrepreneur Association
    This is a new website I’ve stumbled across late at night but am I ever happy I did. The Female Entrepreneur Association is filled with videos, success stories to keep you motivated with your own goals & freebies (because, um, who doesn’t love freebies?!). I can spend hours poking around finding things that make me feel motivated & smarter as a female entrepreneur. Like Boss Babe, the Female Entrepreneur Association has a Members Club which gives you access to informative courses, tools and all the tips & tricks you can handle in order to be the best of the best (Psst! There’s a VIP wait list so head over & get on it NOW!).
  5. Olyvia
    She has a unique name & a pretty site but that’s not where all the fuss ends. Olyvia has created a place where all girl bosses can go to get access to amazing resources, classes & even gain access to the exclusive, by-invitation-only Facebook group where you’ll obtain TONS of advice & feel part of an amazing tribe of women doing the same thing you are – being their own boss (or Chic CEO) of their businesses AND lives!

Did I miss a must-follow website that you want to spread the word about? Let me know in the comments below!

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