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Why Pets Are The Perfect Companion

Why Pets Are The Perfect Companion

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to have a dog of my own. I used to beg and plead with my parents to let me get a dog but my Caribbean mother didn’t see the point so I never got one. When I was 20, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) and I bought our first dog – a beagle named Crosby. I was so happy to have a dog of my own even though he stayed with my boyfriend and his family until we moved out together. Being responsible for a dog was an eye-opening experience but was worth it every step of the way. A few months after Crosby passed, we got our current pup, Bruno (a French Bulldog) and we both absolutely love the companionship he provides. Guest Blogger, Aurora McCausland, is sharing her reasons why pets make the best (fur) friends you will ever have.

Why Pets Are The Perfect Companion | Lifestyle Queen Bee

It’s true, a dog truly is man’s best friend. And not just dogs. Cats, fish, snakes, lizards… you name it. Pets can be the best friend an individual has. Not always in the literal sense, but pets can hold a very special place in anyone’s life. They make amazing companions for absolutely anyone; children, teens, seniors, single adults, married couples, and veterans, are just a few people that could benefit from the rewarding relationship with a pet companion.

Are Pets Replacing Children?

Why Pets Are The Perfect Companion | Lifestyle Queen BeeIt’s not uncommon to hear someone say that they don’t want children; instead, they want to have a house filled with puppies. Why is this? For some, it’s because it’s a much smaller time commitment. A pet is going to live a significantly shorter life than a human. The idea of having a child for forever may be a daunting idea for some, but having a dog for a decade is a much less scary idea. Having a pet, you still get the opportunity to have the opportunity to take care of someone else, but it’s a lot easier than taking care of and raising a baby.

Many families who have children also choose to have pets. The relationship between a person and their child, and between a person and their pet, may be somewhat similar in feelings, but is a vastly different relationship.

Therapy Pets

Why Pets Are The Perfect Companion | Lifestyle Queen BeePets, especially dogs, are instrumental in therapy and mental health recovery. Many people find comfort in the presence of an animal. Taking care of your therapy animal is also helpful because it gives you responsibility and a sense of purpose. A pet will also give you unconditional love and affection, which is just what many people need and are seeking when they start the search for a pet or therapy animal.

A therapy animal is different than a regular pet. They are working animals. In order to be a registered service animal, they have to undergo certain training in order to be able to perform their jobs. Service animals are often assigned to veterans and anyone suffering from a disability, whether it be physical or mental. They can be trained to do a number of different tasks and are able to provide comfort and ease to those they work with.

Pets and The Senior Community

Why Pets Are The Perfect Companion | Lifestyle Queen BeeIt’s also common for members of the senior community to have a furry friend companion. Often, if someone’s spouse dies in their golden years, they’ll seek the companionship and love of an animal companion to help them fill that void and keep them from feeling alone during the last years of their life. It can also help them feel like they have a purpose, especially if their spouse is deceased. They’ll be taking care of a pet, which helps them feel involved and needed, which is a feeling that everyone needs.



Protecting Your Pet

Having a pet is a lot easier than having a child. There are no diapers, feeding them is a lot easier, and they don’t need the constant attention that a baby would require. Even though having a pet is considerably less maintenance than a child, they still require care. If you have a dog, you’ll have to make sure that they have an adequate amount of time outdoors every day. This will be in the form of both daily walks, and also time just spent being outside. Always make sure that your house and yard is properly outfitted to keep your pet safe. It’s devastating to discover your pet has escaped due to not having a proper enclosure for them to play in safely.

Physical care for a pet isn’t the only way that you need to take care of them. They need to be cared for emotionally and financially as well. Getting a pet is a financial responsibility, much more so than some people initially realize. You also need to spend time every single day investing in your pets emotional wellbeing. In order to thrive, they need to be mentally stimulated every single day and shown love and care. Snuggling with and playing with your pets are great ways to emotionally invest in your pet.

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