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Maintain Your Shoes Quality With These Great Tips!

You know how sometimes you buy a pair of shoes and almost immediately (after you break them in), they become practically the only shoes you put on? And you wonder how you survived without them; however, there will come a time that they will start to look shabby and worn.

The key is to prolong that from happening as much as possible. Your feet are precious and they can get sore easily especially if you are standing a lot or walking a lot for work or travel. That’s why if you find a pair of shoes that you love in terms of comfort and fashion, it really is a find. I think we all at some stage in our lives, have experienced pain in a foot or on a toe and it can really hinder your movement! Shoe quality does vary but it is possible to get a good and comfortable pair of shoes at a lower price, it’s all about knowing what suits the size of your foot. Get measured and establish if you should, for example, be looking for wider fitting options or if half sizes are your friend. Ask your local store assistant to measure you!

This infographic from the guys at Walsh Brothers Shoes is a handy guide on how to keep your shoes in top-tip condition. It details how best to store your shoes, what not to do, how to polish them so that they are gleaming and lots more, check it out!

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