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Ideas for Travelling When You’re Flat Broke

Ideas for Travelling When You’re Flat Broke

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal”. The best thing you can do for yourself is travel. Exploring new cities, meeting new people and trying new things doesn’t just get you out of the house and experiencing everything this world has to offer, it also energizes your mind, body, and soul and teaches you about different people and cultures. Travel is the best learning experience you can get but it doesn’t always come so easily with jobs to do and of course, the lack of funds. Today’s post, by Guest Alex S., is sharing a few budget-savvy tips on how you can travel on a budget (no matter how limited it may be).

Traveling is one of the greatest joys in life. We live in a gorgeous, giant world that is full of different scenery, cultures, and individual stories. It’s a shame to live this life only knowing one tiny corner of this majestic planet. However, there is one giant perceived drawback to traveling: it’s expensive! But is it? Many of the assumed costs of traveling are imposed on us through an image of what travel is supposed to look like.

Sure, if you expect to stay in fancy hotels, take all-inclusive cruises, and have a tour guide walk you through a predetermined path on every trip, then those costs add up fast. However, there are ways that you can cut down on these costs and enjoy an even more fulfilling form of travel.

Here are some tips for how to travel when you are broke:

[ Travel for Work ]

I know this first tip looks precarious. If you had a nice salaried job that required you to travel, then this would hardly be the headline you’d be clicking on. However, you should recognize a chance to kill two birds with one stone. It’s entirely possible to travel by working in the place you’d like to visit. There are tons of opportunities that can be found online of people in far off places looking for house sitters, teachers, laborers, and more!

There is also the possibility of working at a live-in farm, which can be a thrilling and fantastic experience where you learn a ton while getting to know a new culture.

Take this opportunity to travel AND to not be broke anymore!

[ Look for Free Things in Cities ]

Most of the tourist traps that you’ll fall into gouge you with prices. However, locals know better. They know which days are free at certain museums, where to go for deals, and when a certain restaurant is two for one.

Do your research about a city before you travel there by cruising around on social media, and talking to people who live in the area. Research City Deals and Groupons to see if there are promotions for fun experiences.

And if you’re not planning on getting out of your hometown, research the possibilities closer by. When you start asking around, you’ll be surprised how many things are going on within a 45-minute drive.

[ Enjoy Nature! ]

One constant around the entire world is that there is always an element of natural beauty that is unique to a specific place.

Sure, some places are prettier than others, but even the vast fields of Kansas have a dreamlike effect that is worth experiencing. While there are a lot of scenic locations that are on private property that is expensive to get onto, there are usually a ton of places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature for free.

If you’re in Australia, you should never want for a beach to relax on and put your feet in the ocean. Take hikes, go swimming, or scale a mountain. These activities are all fairly cheap, and add an extra layer of adventure in your travels.

[ Always Look for Ways to Cut Transportation Costs ]

Oftentimes, especially if you’re making a point to travel cheap, the most expensive part of traveling is that part where you actually get to where you are going.

No matter what you do, air fare is always going to be a bit of a steep expense, although you can scan the internet for deals when they arise. Another option, though, is to drive where you are going. Packing a car with a handful of friends and heading to a different part of the country may not sound as majestic as backpacking through Europe, but seeing the landscape of this vast country is an adventure in and of itself, and remains fairly cheap if you keep the cost of gas low.

Here are some surprising tips to do just that.

[ Make Travel Savings a Priority ]

Here’s the thing, travel is either going to be a priority in your life or it isn’t. There’s no such thing as a person who is truly “flat broke.” Even if you have very little money, you are spending it on something. If you want to travel, make doing so a top priority. Make it haunt your every waking moment, and make it the first thing that you think of every time you pull out your wallet to spend a dime.

Keeping travel as a forethought makes it easier for you to save money to go places, and makes it far more likely to actually happen.

This link has some great tips for saving for travel, even when it doesn’t seem like you have enough room in your budget.

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