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Addicted to Black (Fashion)

Addicted to Black (Fashion)

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I think we’ve all had a time in our fashion lives where we were drawn to black everything – shoes, clothes, accessories – we just couldn’t get enough. For myself, it got so bad that friends & family would only buy me colourful articles of clothing for birthdays, Christmas and would slap my hand if I even touched a black article of clothing while out shopping. Flash forward many years later, the dark side of my closet is now minimal as I have embraced colour with open arms (but still catch myself obsessing over those black pieces). If you are someone who loves every shade of black there is, then today’s guest post from Shruti over at Strike A Chord blog is for you (Shruti was my featured blogger on Tuesday so if you missed her awesome interview, check it out here).

Spring is finally here and temperatures are above Zero degrees!!! Yayyy!!! But if you are like me, who feels really cold- because the winds in Toronto are still quite chilly- it is a given that light coats and boots aren’t going away til May!

So before I post a series of full-on spring and summer looks, wanted to post a recent look which I styled, which is ideal for the “not so cold and, not yet summer” temperatures that Toronto has been witnessing!

If you have seen my previous Shlogs and posts, you already know I am ADDICTED TO BLACK! Well, because, wearing black makes any human look 400% better! Haha 😉

Also, I believe Black is so versatile it’s effortless and oh so poetic! I think in my colour personality, Black tops with Goldens, Nudes, Reds and Pinks to follow!

So here goes my Black on Black on Black look!

I styled a light long black duster coat- perfect for this weather, with my calf -length black dress- it is such a relief to not layer clothes anymore!- just the coat over the dress, no stockings, no cardigans!!!

I feel really cold in my ears, so I can’t do without covering them even in this weather!!!

I absolutely love this light pom-pom head cover it is so darn cute!!!

To complete the look, I wore fall boots and styled my look with this Gucci inspired envelope clutch by Aldo Accessories and big hoop earrings and a chunky gold statement neck piece- very chic and very manageable at the same time!!!

On the makeup front, I did a grey eye shadow with Arabic liner ( winged eyes) and red lips. My makeup was inspired by the envelope clutch I am donning here ( yes I match my makeup with my accessories 😉 ) the snakeskin pattern, the silver hues , the red patched up lips  and lipstick, the  golden star which inspired my neck-piece all the embroidery, it all became the foundation for my makeup and jewelry styling.


Dress and Boots: Torrid, Canada

Coat: Zara, Canada

Earrings: Forever 21

Clutch, Cap and Neck-piece : Aldo Accessories, Canada

Photos by the amazing : Loveoverlenses

Hoping to strike a chord!

xoxoxoxo Shruti

Thanks for such a fun post, Shruti! You paired your ‘All Black Everything’ outfit beautifully!

If you’re interested in being a Guest on the blog, head over to the Collabs page & send me your ideas!

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