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4 Common Beauty Myths Busted

4 Common Beauty Myths Busted

Note from Lifestyle Queen Bee: Happy Thursday! It’s been a busy week for me with finishing off some subcontract Virtual Assistant work and sending out proposals & setting up Discovery calls with some potential clients that I am thanking my lucky stars for these amazing guests posts! Today, my guest is Aurora M and she’s here to debunk some beauty hacks you may have come across in your travels.

Almost every day, it seems like, there’s a newly “discovered” beauty hack that will cut your ‘getting ready ‘ in half, or make your skin miraculously clear up within days. We cling to these ideas because we want them to be true! Sometimes they work, but more often than not, they’re not as great as they were promised to be.

As disappointing as it is to realize that not every home remedy you see on Pinterest is successful, it’s a relief to realize that it’s not your execution that is making the method not work, but the method itself.

Here are a few beauty and health myths that don’t work the way we were told they would.

[ Coconut Oil ]

Coconut oil has an almost cult following, and for good reason. It has a lot of great qualities, but one thing it ISN’T great for is your skin!

We’ve been told for years that it’s perfect to moisturize your skin with before you go to bed, or as part of your homemade lather-free face wash. And while we desperately wish this was true, it just isn’t. Coconut Oil has a comedogenic rating of a 4, which basically means that it will clog your pores, and overall does more damage than good. Everyone’s skin is different, but as a general rule, coconut oil should be kept off of your face.  

If you’re feeling heartbroken that you’ll have to find an all natural replacement for your daily skin care routine, don’t worry! Both Argan Oil and Shea Butter have comedogenic ratings of 0, which means they won’t clog your pores at ALL, and they’re super great for your skin!

[ Cutting Your Hair Often Will Make It Grow Faster ]

Nothing will really change the rate that your hair grows. Some people have hair that grows faster than others, and that’s just that. There’s a myth that getting regular trims will encourage your hair to grow faster and longer. The truth really is that when your hair is damaged, it will break off at the ends, meaning your hair won’t really get much longer. This doesn’t mean your hair isn’t growing, or is growing slowly; it just means it’s too damaged to grow past a certain point, and your hair is breaking off.

Getting your hair trimmed keeps the ends of your hair healthy, which in turn allows your hair to grow longer uninhibited. So while it’s still a good idea to get your hair cut regularly, it doesn’t make your hair grow faster.

[ Drinking Vodka is The Healthiest Alcohol Option ]

This one is a little tricky because there’s a little bit of truth to it, but it’s misconstrued.

As this article explains, a lot of college girls choose to drink vodka instead of anything else, because vodka has zer0 calories. They do this as an attempt to lose weight. However, the majority of the time, they end up mixing their vodka with a sugary juice of some sort, bringing the calorie count up significantly. So while the initial idea behind this is true (that vodka has less calories), it isn’t very effective.

In addition, it’s important to note the health dangers of alcohol in general, beyond basic calorie count. Vodka has a high alcohol content and it’s important to practice moderation.

[ Waxing Your Hair Makes It Grow Back Thinner ]

I have been told countless times that waxing will damage the hair follicles, meaning the hair will eventually stop growing in that area altogether. And while it’s true that waxing DOES damage your hair follicles, which will result in a slightly thinner hair growth, this only lasts a few weeks.

Within two to three months of waxing, your hair will have grown back just as thick as before you waxed. This doesn’t mean that waxing is a horrible hair removal method, it just shouldn’t be used as a method in hopes of permanently removing hair. The only way to remove your hair permanently is through electrolysis and laser hair removal.

It can be disappointing to realize that some of your favorite “beauty secrets” are really hoaxes, rather than secrets. But there are plenty of things out there that are actually helpful and effective. It’s just important to remember not to believe every single thing you see on Social Media, and even the endorsement of a celebrity doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to work. For things like this, unless it’s scientifically backed, you have no guarantee that it will work.

Thanks to Aurora for sharing these truths with us! If you want to submit a guest post to the blog, I’d love to have you! Head over to the Collab page & drop me a line!

Before I head off to sadly put my Coconut Oil to better use, I want to know:

What beauty myths have you heard that are not exactly true?
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