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Guest Post: 3 Mentalities That Hold You Back From Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

Guest Post: 3 Mentalities That Hold You Back From Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

A Message from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee:

Today, I get to take a break from blogging & let someone else take over and share some advice with you. Earlier this month, I featured my interview with fellow blogger, Bronwin Goodbar from _allkindsofme_ (if you missed it, check it out here). Today she’s talking all about those unwanted mentalities that stand in between us and achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

As we limp into the Christmas break and look down the barrel of 2017, now is usually the time when we all start to reflect on the year that’s been. So between hangovers, we start plotting our usual New Year’s resolutions – lose weight, get healthy, spend less, travel more. We get really motivated and think this will be the year! Until two weeks into January, we’re back in the same rut, doing the same things we’ve always done.

When you look at why resolutions never make it to February, it generally comes down to a few mental barriers that we fail to recognize and plan for:

  1. We think we can rely on motivation alone

Motivation is a temporary and elusive energy. One day it’s surging through your veins like a superpower and the next, you’re lying in bed wondering where the hell it all disappeared to?

Simply being motivated won’t achieve anything for you long term because it relies too much on the mental or ‘thinking’ aspect. Instead, focus your energy on forming easy-to-implement habits to achieve your goals. Habits are the physical force that your body will do on automatic pilot, meaning it centers around the ‘doing’ aspect. By focusing your energy on action, (just get your shoes on and get out the door, or reviewing a menu before going to a restaurant so you can order within temptation) means you’ll have less time to talk yourself out of it.

  1. Our inner perfectionist takes over

If you’re like me, Mondays (or the 1st of Jan) is the PERFECT time to start going to the gym EVERY single day without fail, and have EVERY single meal perfect and nutritious from now until forever. Of course, we all know how this ends. You slip and have a few too many drinks with friends and you come down on yourself like a tonne of bricks, calling yourself a total failure, or weak, or not good enough, and then you give up. Perfectionism is guaranteed to set you up for failure, so you need to focus on having an imperfect routine. Life happens, mistakes will be made, some weeks you just won’t be able to commit, and that’s okay. Instead, plan for those weeks specifically and think about what the minimum is that you can do to get by. If you completely fall off the wagon, don’t get stuck in the vicious cycle of “I’ll start next Monday.” Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, stop overthinking and start DOING something about it.

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  1. You’re telling yourself the same story

Excuses are the mother of all failures and leave us stuck with the lives we’ve always had, even if we wish we could change them. Spend some time becoming aware of the stories you tell yourself that prevents you from doing something you want to achieve. They can be along the lines of I’m too busy to do X, I don’t have the energy to exercise, I’m not one of those disciplined types, I’ll always be in debt, my family commitments hold me back. The problem is, the more we tell ourselves these stories, the more ingrained they become in our brain, and the truer they become. The difference between people who can implement change long term and those who can’t or won’t, is the stories they tell themselves and others. We all have the same hours in a day and we all have the power to choose. If a single mother of four can find the power to support her family and still find time for exercise, or the girl who was broke and in debt managed to start a successful online business, then we all have the power to change our lives also. It all starts with becoming aware of your stories, and knowing only YOU have the power to change the ending.

A HUGE thanks to Bronwen for this timely post & for helping us close off the year with advice that will keep us all in check in 2017!

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