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My Goals for 2018 & How I Did With My 2017 Goals

My Goals for 2018 & How I Did With My 2017 Goals

Goals: Review of My 2017 Goals & What's In Store for 2018 | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Review of My 2017 Goals

Last year, I had kept things fairly simple and had only three categories for my goals: Blog, Virtual Assistant Business & Personal. Each category contained 5 goals – they were:

B L O G  G O A L S

  • (X) Start making money through affiliate and sponsored posts I think I made $0.34 on Google Analytics last year, does that count? LOL
  • (X & ) Boost my social media followers (IG: 1000K – I have 2130 –;  FB: 500 – Only have 159 whomp whomp –; Twitter: 500 – Another fail with only 100 –; Pinterest: 500 – My best achievement with 1,858 Followers & Counting! –)
  • (X) Up my photography game & possibly invest in a DSLR Camera My photography skills are still quite amateur & I still do not own a DSLR camera (ALMOST bought one on Boxing Day though!)
  • (X) Take online courses Completely forgot about this goal to be honest LOL
  • (✓) Build stronger connections with fellow bloggers & grow my blogger tribe I feel I’ve definitely developed some great bonds with fellow bloggers but this is something I can definitely am to improve upon in the new year

V I R T U A L  A S S I T A N T   B I Z  G O A L S

  • (✓) Launch VA Business While I did launch my VA business, the only client I had was my mother-in-law and the work was minimal. I got discouraged & put the idea on the backburner. Fast forward a few months later, I gave it another shot & revived it. I became a subcontractor for another busy VA working as a team and had several client calls…but all that didn’t pan out either. I felt like an outsider on the VA team because I was new and the VA didn’t really trust me to do anything more than basic, quick tasks. The client calls never went anywhere either. People seemed excited about me, made all these promises, and I never heard back again. So I shut down the business a second time and haen’t revisted it again. I’ve debated starting but think I’ll streamline my focus to my blog for the time being.
  • (X) Have 5 ongoing, monthly clients Based on the above, we all know this didn’t happen lol
  • (X) Improve my networking skills to obtain clients I don’t think I’m any better than I was before.
  • (X) Purchase up to 6 paid ads for my business I only paid for 1 VA related Facebook ad that was unsuccessful
  • (✓) Improve VA page on website While I did improve it both times I launched, as of now, it’s a hidden page on my website

P E R S O N A L  G O A L S

  • (X) Read 2 books a month This started out great for the first 3 months then life got busy and then I read a book here and there
  • (✓) Spend more time outdoors While I was in Toronto, we did spend more time outdoors. We sat on gorgeous patios with friends for drinks, went to Cherry Beach with our neighbours for a picnic one afternoon and I even went camping with my husband, our pup and a few friends for the first time ever (& am planning another camping trip this summer!)
  • (X) Make 2 new friends I’m too much of an Introvert so this did not happen for me lol
  • (X) Start taking yoga or dance I got a gym membership with the intent on joining a yoga or spin class but went to the gym like 3 times with my husband, ran the treadmill and never went back again. Membership was cancelled in October when we moved back to Ottawa. Funny enough though, I did just sign up for a Dancehall class that starts next week but because that was done in 2018, it doesn’t count lol
  • (X) Update my entire house, one room at a time Life just got too busy and being a renter for most of 2017, I didn’t feel entirely motivated to put my time and money into fixing up someone else’s place so I didn’t. Now that my husband and I are back in our hometown and are homeowners again of a fantastic place, I can’t wait to do more to it, especially once the warmer weather rolls around

My Goals for 2018

This year, I’m doing things a bit differently with my goals.

A week before Christmas, I read The Power of Your Subconcious Mind, and it completely changed me. In a nutshell, it tells you how you can have everything you’ve ever wanted, no matter how big or small, by accessing your subconcious mind and essentially, putting it out into the universe. It taught me patience, kindness, gratitude, harmony and positivity. Because of this, I decided to create a theme for my year, which is Positivity.

Much like I did last year, I have broken my goals into 5 categories. Each category contains 5 goals (25 in total) to accomplish that are rooted in positivity to some degree.

My 2018 goals are:


  • Build a piece of furniture for the house
  • Update our basement
  • Start a detailed weekly cleaning routine
  • Get rid of clutter on a seasonal basis (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter)
  • Renovate our Laundry Room


  • Have a regular date night (at least once a month)
  • Spend more time with my mom
  • Strengthen relationship with my sister
  • Start preparing for my first pregnancy
  • Get pregnant


  • Make at $100 from my blog
  • Grow my social media accounts as follows: IG: 4000; FB: 300; Twitter: 300; Pinterest: 5000
  • Find a Business Bestie
  • Record at least one vlog once a month
  • Improve my photography skills for my blog & social media accounts


  • Wear the clothes, accessories & makeup that I want, when I want without worrying what people will say
  • Make 1 new friend
  • Save at least $1,000 this year
  • Plan at least 1 dinner party with friends
  • Try 1 new idea from Pinterest once a week


  • Run at least one 5K
  • Cut down on my sugar intake
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Start doing yoga at home at least once a week
  • Eat less junk food period and more healthier options

What are your goals for 2018?

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