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Fun Date Ideas for The Non-Traditional Couple

Fun Date Ideas for The Non-Traditional Couple

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re here looking for romantic, lovey dovey date ideas, you’ve come to the wrong place! While I do enjoy a good romantic dinner or to be surprised with flowers from my husband from time to time, we are definitely a more non-traditional couple when it comes to celebrating our love for each other. If this sounds like you and your significant other, I’ve put together a list of fun ways to spend time with the one you love without having to be so cliche and quite frankly, boring.

[ 10 fun (non-traditional) date ideas ]

  1. Have a Movie Marathon Night (or Afternoon)
    Do you both love a movie series like ‘Lord of The Rings’? Pick up some snacks, put on your comfy clothes & spend the day lounging on the couch with your love watching movie after movie.
  2. Check Into A Hotel & Pretend Your Tourists
    Check into a reasonably priced hotel (or an expensive one if that’s what you want!) and do at least one touristy thing in your city. It doesn’t have to be cheesy, just something you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe even dress up and go for dinner at a place you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to.
  3. Rent a Hot Tub & Chill Out
    Did you know there are companies that allow you to rent a hot tub for your home? Buy some bubbly, grab your bathing suits & settle into a warm hot tub in the privacy of your own backyard for a night. If you’re in Ontario, check out Travellin’ Tubs.
  4. Take a Cooking Class Together
    Are you & your boo self-proclaimed foodies? Why not brush up your julienne skills and take a cooking class together. You’ll get a chance to master a new dish in your favourite cuisine AND make it a bit competitive by seeing who pulls off the better dish in the end (or is it just me and my hubby that love to make everything a competition?)
  5. Throw an Axe
    Release some stress (& have fun doing it) and go throw some axes at a place like BATL Axe. Some places even allow you to bring alcohol! Hit some targets, have a drink & laugh at how terrible your axe throwing skills are together.
  6. Spend a Tech-Free Day Together
    Leave your phones by the bed, keep the TV off and have a technology free day. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or surfing the net all day, unplug and allow yourselves a chance to have REAL fun together. Go for a walk, read a book, play board games, talk to each other. Spend the entire day without being plugged in and see how energizing it can be to not have technology take over your life as per usual.
  7. Make Something Together
    Do you have a project at home you’ve been putting off or maybe a creative class or event you both have been meaning to try? Take the time NOW and do it! So go ahead and build that bookshelf from Pinterest you’ve been eyeing or go to a Paint Nite together. You’ll probably end up having more fun laughing at home terrible one of you are at painting or doing anything DIY.
  8. Break Some SH*T at a Rage Room
    Haven’t you heard all the rage (yes, corny pun intended)? Rage rooms are a big hit! Basically, you get to go into a room and break dishes, glasses, all the things. Similiar to Axe throwing, you release tension, break stuff that doesn’t belong to you AND you don’t have to clean up after? You & your partner can make a game out of who can break the most stuff in your allotted time. In Toronto? Check out the Rage Room at Battle Sports.
  9. Be Completely Spontaneous
    If you’re like me, then you are an OCD, perfectionist (lol). Planning is something I ALWAYS have to do but the older I get, the more I realize I actually do have fun with those spur-of-the-moment plans. Give this a try: Using an online random generator, pick a number between 1-10. The number you select will be used throughout the process. Next, flip a coin and the winner gets to choose the direction you go once you leave your house (either left or right). At the next corner, the other gets to pick the direction. Do this the number of times based on your randomly selected number. Once you have made your last turn, keep walking & count each cafe, coffee shop and restaurant you pass (on your side of the street) until you come to your number. Once you do, you and your partner must dine there for your date. It could be a place you’ve been a dozen times or someplace new but it’s all spontaneous.
  10. Have a Game Night With Another Couple
    Date nights don’t necessarily have to be about a single couple so why not make it ‘the more the merrier’ and invite another couple over (or more!) and throw a game night. You can serve up appetizers, have a few drinks and have fun playing fun games with others.


Do you have any unique date ideas?

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