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Free No Soliciting Sign Printable

Nothing irks me more than solicitors. They have a knack for coming at the most inopportune moments. And then when they get you at the door, they don’t make it easy to get rid of them. Ugh. We’ve all seen the no solicitor signs in our neighbour’s front doors but they are just so…bland. To pretty up my front door window, I’ve made a cute & simple no soliciting sign that I’m sharing with you all today FREE!
FREE No Soliciting Sign Printable | Lifestylequeenbee.com
Download the FREE No Soliciting Sign Printable

Make sure to print in colour and cut to size to place in your window. Size is 5 x 3 inches (which about the size of a index/recipe card).

TIP: If you are trying to deter solicitors from your office, you can print and hang in your office door or mount on a bulletin board in the main entrance!

Hopefully you enjoy this sign & get some peace & quiet around dinnertime! If you love the sign, please share!

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