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Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks

Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Happy New Year! I had a great holiday filled with family, good food + drinks and LOTS of relaxation. I made a point to step away from my blog to truly enjoy quality time with my friends and family and to just get my mind ready for a brand new year! Hope all of you enjoyed an equally amazing holiday as well.

The first post of 2018 goes to, Randy Thompson, a Guest Blogger who is a Mechanical Engineer and regularly contributes to blogs on his expertise. Today, he’s sharing his tips on how to create an expensive looking home on a shoestring budget, part of my monthly series ‘Bougie On A Budget’ – read on for some great tips!

Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks | Lifestyle Queen Bee

At some point in our lives, we all dream of a pretty home. When we finally do get homes for ourselves, we realize that the cost of keeping them pretty is not petty cash. A new sense of envy and respect develops in your mind for those people who do have such homes and you wonder what you can do to reach their level?

Sure, we understand that it is truly expensive to hire an interior decorator and get matching furniture set from a fancy store but is that really the only way to get a pretty house?

If these are truly your problems, you should read on for some of the cheapest ways to make your home look stunning:

Look Up DIY Decorating Tips

You can look up hundreds of DIY projects and all on websites like YouTube. Instead of buying expensive photo frames, wall hangings, and other decorative items from chic places, it is much cheaper to just make them yourself.

You will get all the items you need (Like yarn, glue, scissors, glitter, anything) for less than half the price and you can invest in some time and ornate your house with the little works of art you made yourself!

Alternatively, you can even paint the walls in your living room and bedroom. It almost always turns out well.

Repair Anything That Needs Fixing

Houses with leaky pipes and ceilings chipped paint, or broken bits of furniture and sinks and all are not exactly appealing. All you need are the right kind of tools and you can fix anything in no time. A well-maintained house is an automatically beautiful house.

Clean Up RegularlyCheap Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Vacuum your house and mop the floors every day. If your house doesn’t really get dirty, you can do it after every few days. Do not let dishes and laundry pile up. A clean house is as beautiful as any other house!

Let The Sunlight In

When you open your windows at daytime and let sunlight and fresh-air enter in, it bathes your house in a very lovely light. This will keep microbes that thrive without sunlight away and your house will look airy and be welcoming instead of dark and gloomy.

Arrange The Furniture ProperlyCheap Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Make sure that all the furniture in all the rooms have a center point that they are facing. It could be the TV or the sofa set. Properly arranged furniture can also give the illusion of a bigger house.

Make A Picture Wall

Picture walls are a classic. You can arrange photographs of you with your loved ones on a wall and maybe write cute captions to accompany them too. If you have a knack for art, you can also easily do the same with pictures you have drawn.

Stick To A Color SchemeCheap Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Million Bucks | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Try to match the colors on your walls, carpets, drapes, and furniture with a contrasting tone. You should decide on a color scheme like pastel colors or shocking colors and stick with that all around your house.

What tips do you have to make your home feel like a million bucks on a small budget? 

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Guest Blogger: Randy Thompson | Lifestyle Queen BeeGuest Author Bio:

Randy is a mechanical engineer with the construction business of his own.

He knows all the ins and outs of the industry and the right use of the tools. That is exactly what he teaches on his blog.

He regularly posts on Best Cordless Drills Pros.

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