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Ideas for Travelling When You’re Flat Broke

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal”. The best thing you can do for yourself is travel. Exploring new cities, meeting new people and trying new things doesn’t just get you out of the house and experiencing everything this world has to offer, it also energizes your mind, body, and soul and teaches you about different people and cultures. Travel is the best learning experience you can get but it doesn’t always come so easily with jobs to do and of course, the lack of funds. Today’s post, by Guest Alex S., is sharing a few budget-savvy tips on how Continue reading “Ideas for Travelling When You’re Flat Broke”

Understanding Ring Size

Getting engaged is a momentous occasion, it’s a major life moment.

Some people wish to surprise their prospective partner while for other couples, it’s been a long and well thought out moment culminating in the ring purchase and the engagement announcement. For those partners who wish to surprise their other halves with the ring, the next dilemma is Continue reading “Understanding Ring Size”

5 Smart Ways to Budget-Friendly Home Décor | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Bougie on a Budget: 5 Smart Ways to Budget-Friendly Home Décor

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I have always been obsessed with home decor. I started my love of IKEA at a very young age & even contemplated going to school to be an Interior Designer. Let’s not even start on how obsessed with Pinterest I am. Even though decorating your home or even freshening up a room can be costly, it doesn’t have to be. As part of the monthly ‘Bougie on a Budget‘ series, today’s guest post from Julie Austin at My Bed Comforter is sharing her 5 tips on how to achieve a beautiful space on a reasonable budget.

Home décor is a big thing for everyone; it is something that takes a lot of time, attention and requires lots of money as well. Have you ever thought of ideas how you could decorate your home at a low cost?

The following are five smart ways to budget-friendly home décor, have a look:

[ Use Carpets ]

Instead of the expensive flooring like marble and wood flooring, you can use carpets. There is a huge variety of carpets available in the markets; you can choose one that comes in your budget and use it at home. Carpets look decent, and it is overall a great option. You can use rugs as well. Look for the rugs online or when they are on sale, get colorful rugs for your living room, drawing room and bedroom.

[ Convertible Furniture ]

You can use convertible furniture for the decoration of your house; you can buy convertible sofas and gliders for your living room. This is the best thing that you can do staying on a limited budget. If you have kids at home, purchase a convertible crib and when your child grows up, convert the crib into a full-size bed. Amazing, isn’t it?

[ Use Wallpapers ]

Wall paint is something quite expensive. If you go for a single coat, it will fade away in less than no time, and if you go for double coats, it will cost you more. The best solution for this is to use the wallpapers. Wallpapers look amazing, and they are not that expensive. If you choose the correct wallpapers for your space, trust me, it’s a game changer. So go for it, and I am sure it will make your space look more than great.

[ Bottle Displays ]

So the crystal pieces and vases are too expensive? And no doubt, they are! Here is how you can fix it, go for the bottle displays. You can buy artificial flowers and use old vintage bottles to display them. Keep them near the windows, on the kitchen table, on the shelves of the living room and similar places. The colorful bottle will add glam to your space in few seconds only, and the best part about it is that it will cost you literally nothing. Artificial flowers are very cheap and can be found everywhere these days so utilize the empty bottles you have at home and create this magical look.

[ DIY Artwork ]

And how can you forget about artwork? The artwork is a must when it comes to the decoration of the house. You can make paintings of your own with the help of YouTube tutorials and hang them around. You can even make frames at home. All you need is papers, colorful paints and a little creativeness for this. Another thing that I would like to suggest you here is to try the glass painting. Yes, you can paint mirrors and pieces of glass; it will make your space look richer than it actually is.

I hope this article helps. Have a good day!

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Author BioJulie Austin is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything! In her free time, she enjoys the sunset with her friends at the seashore. Read her posts at  http//

A Blogger’s Guide to Intellectual Property & Copyright | Lifestyle Queen Bee

A Blogger’s Guide to Intellectual Property & Copyright

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I’ve said this many times on my blog: as a blogger, there is so much more to it than just putting up some texts paired with pretty pictures. Just because you find a quote that speaks to you or a picture that pairs perfectly with your post, doesn’t mean it is free to use as you wish. Those words and those images belong to someone and unless specified that it can be freely used, you need to appropriately credit the owner if you use their work on your blog. If you don’t, you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Today’s guest post by regular contributor, Maurine Anderson, is breaking down intellectual property and copyright so you know the rules and can apply them to Continue reading “A Blogger’s Guide to Intellectual Property & Copyright”

How Sleep Helps You Reclaim Your Chill | Lifestyle Queen Bee

How Sleep Helps You Reclaim Your Chill

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I LOVE sleep. Nothing is better than getting to bed after a long and busy day. And don’t get me started on a good weekend nap. While I am a lover of sleep, I must confess I am not the greatest at ensuring I get the most rest possible. I tend to go to bed waaaay later than I should during the week and then I’m hitting the snooze like crazy come morning. With life being so busy, we keep trying to squeeze more and more into our day and that means, cutting things out like our sleep. Do you realize how vital a good night’s sleep is not just for your rest but for your actual health? I know, I’m guilty of overlooking this too. That’s why today’s post is one to remind us how to reclaim our sleep & in turn, our chill.

It might seem obvious that quality sleep is helpful. Indeed even without understanding what it really accomplishes, we realize that sleep deprivation makes us feel ghastly and that getting a good quality sleep can make us prepared to face another day.

Scientists have tried really hard to fully understand the benefits of sleep. By doing research studies on animals and humans, they have found that sleep assumes a basic part in boosting immunity, digestion, memory, and learning among other indispensable functions.

 Is Sleep Actually Important?

Despite the fact that researchers aren’t certain why sleep is necessary, they have numerous ideas regarding the importance of this puzzling element in life. While some of these functions have less significance, some, like the importance of sleep in enhancing recollections and general well-being, appears to be quite pertinent to all our lives.

While we may not frequently consider why we sleep, most of us do recognize that sleep makes us feel better. We feel more energetic, alert, joyful and more able to function after a decent night of sleep.

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

Besides learning the importance of sleep, the question many people ask is “How much sleep do I need?” The National Sleep Foundation did a study to find the answer to this question. Sifting through several research articles, the experts took into consideration the health benefits and risks associated with sleep and put forward recommendations on the right amount of sleep one should have. According to their recommendations, based on a thorough analysis of the studies, children below 9 years need 11 hours, teenagers-10 hours and adults on average 8 hours. According to Doctor Lydiah DonCarlos from Loyola University, more research into sleep is needed.

How Healthy Sleep Routines Keeps You Healthy, Calm and Relaxed

The National Sleep Foundation points out that consistent lack of sleep may prompt a variety of serious medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, early mortality and even heart disease.

The following are some of the health benefits of sleep that you should know:

Sleep Repairs Your Body

During sleep, your body delivers additional protein molecules that reinforce your capacity to battle disease to keep you healthy. The molecules help boost the immune system that retouches your body at cell level when exposed to infectious bacteria, pollutants or stressed.

Sleep Helps To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Your cardiovascular framework is always under pressure and sleep helps lower stress levels and inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the main cause of heart disease and strokes. Quality sleep also helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check at all times.

Sleep Reduces Stress

With a decent sleep, you are in a better position to lower blood pressure and lift levels of stress hormones which result due to a stressful lifestyle.

Sleep Enhances Memory

If you have gone for days without sleep, you often experience the “foggy” feeling. This makes it hard to even think! This can result in serious memory issues as well. A better quality sleep dispenses this, as sleep is the time where your memories are converted to

This can result in serious memory issues as well. A better quality sleep dispenses this, as sleep is the time where your memories are converted to long-term memories. With a better sleep, your brain can, therefore, be in a position to process new information and learn better.

Sleep Controls Body Weight Issues

Sleep controls the hormones that affect and control your hunger. Studies indicate that lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance and appetite increases. There are many health problems associated with being overweight, such as blood pressure and obesity which will completely stress you out.

The benefits of sleep are broad and can have many kinds of effects on the quality and length of your life. With such benefits, you are able to boost and lead a healthy, calm and relaxed life.

Great post, Clarissa – Thanks so much for sharing these insightful tips on how important sleep is to our health!

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Author Bio: Sarah is the Editor of Sleepy Deep. Feeling the repercussions of being an irregular sleeper for far too long, she decided to do something about it. She learned why sleep is so important and how to maximize it, and is now helping others who are struggling to find their right sleep routine.

Feeling the repercussions of being an irregular sleeper for far too long, she decided to do something about it. She learned why sleep is so important and how to maximize it, and is now helping others who are struggling to find their right sleep routine.

How to Turn Your Garage into a Photo Studio | Lifestyle Queen Bee

How to Turn Your Garage into a Photo Studio

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: When I lived in Kanata (Ottawa), I remember so many houses in my neighbourhood having garages that served another purpose other than storing your car (& that tent you haven’t touched since Junior High). Some people created another room to their home, while some used it as a ‘man cave’. What about using it as the space you create and/or conduct business? Guest blogger, Maurine Anderson, is sharing tips and tricks on how to turn your garage into your very own photo studio! Continue reading “How to Turn Your Garage into a Photo Studio”

Maintain Your Shoes Quality With These Great Tips!

You know how sometimes you buy a pair of shoes and almost immediately (after you break them in), they become practically the only shoes you put on? And you wonder how you survived without them; however, there will come a time that they will start to look shabby and worn.

The key is to prolong that from happening as much as possible. Your feet are precious and they can get sore easily especially if you are standing a lot or walking a lot for work or travel. That’s why if you find a pair of shoes that you love in terms of comfort and fashion, Continue reading “Maintain Your Shoes Quality With These Great Tips!”