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Bougie On A Budget: 10 Ways to Wow at Your Wedding

Bougie On A Budget: 10 Ways to Wow at Your Wedding

This past weekend, my husband & I celebrated our first year of marriage (January 28th). We had a beach wedding in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) with 40 of our closest friends & family. The day itself went off without a hitch – beautiful weather, delicious food, lots of love and joy – I truly couldn’t have asked for a better day.

While planning a destination can save you significant money, it’s still a lot of work & not knowing what things actually look like until you’re physically there can be a bit overwhelming but I’d recommend it to anyone. Not only do you get to say your vows in a gorgeous setting but you get to make a trip out of it with a group of people!

In today’s post, I’m giving you 10 budget tips I used for my wedding that you can also use to make your wedding feel like a million bucks on a small budget.

[ 10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Bougie On A Budget ]

  1. Having a beach wedding (or just outdoors in general)? While you’re inside in an air conditioned room waiting for the ceremony to start, your guests may be outside, sweltering in the heat. Help keep them cool with personalized paper fans (I bought my paper fans at Beaucoup), which doubles as a token from the wedding. Beaucoup always has great discounts to help keep things cost efficient!
  2. Create a personalized program without spending a ton of cash! Head over to Canva & create yours FREE!
  3. One thing people tend to overlook is how expensive flowers can be. Take a tip out of my book & buy life-like flowers from Ali Express – I bought 2 dozen bouquets of Lillies for $25USD compared to the $120USD it would have cost for ONE bouquet at our resort!
  4. In the excitement of travelling away from home to attend a wedding, your guests may forget some valuable items at home (i.e. sunscreen for a beach wedding). Help ease their minds by providing each room with a welcome bag filled with goodies they can use for the wedding weekend/week with a few souvenirs to take home too (like these cute shotglasses from Beaucoup I added to my bags). Need some inspiration on what to include in your bag? Check out this page on Pinterest to get those creative juices flowing!
  5. To create a personalized centerpiece, I bought Heidi Swapp Marquee Letters, painted & glittered them to match our wedding colours & had them sit on the head table in front of my husband and I (see image for details). BONUS that the letters were on clearance at Joann‘s for $5USD each!
  6. Instead of having your guests throw confetti as you and your new husband walk down the aisle (think of the mess to clean up afterwards), opt for bubble wands instead. It looks prettier and there is not mess involved. I bought mine from Michael’s – you can even personalize them with a print out you can make at home and secure to the bottles (have the Groomsmen pass them out to the guests as they arrive).
  7. Don’t force your bridal party to wear heels or stuffy shoes in the sand for your beach wedding. At the end of the Summer season, head over to Old Navy or Ardene’s and buy clearance flip flops in the same colour and style for your party (mine cost me $1.99CAD a pair!). TIP: You can add earrings or clip on jewelry to your sandals to pretty them up & personalize them! I used Starfish earrings for our shoes to tie in the theme of the beach wedding.
  8. Want statement jewelry that doesn’t hurt your budget? I grabbed a gorgeous set of earrings with a matching necklace from Ardene for a total of $20! Be sure to use clear nail polish to cover the fake silver so it doesn’t turn green & you can display them in a shadow box post-wedding.
  9. Have a friend or family member who is an aspiring photographer? Hire them as your official wedding photographer! If they’re just starting out, they may offer you a discounted rate to help them build their portfolio or even as a freebie which saves you hundreds of dollars! Be sure to check out their work or do a test shoot with them to see the quality of their pictures. Be sure to share examples of images you want to capture on your big day to see if they can replicate for you.
  10. Don’t throw your money away on an expensive cake most of your guests may not even eat! Instead, opt for a small cake you and your husband can use for the cake cutting ceremony and then serve your guests with cupcakes in the same flavour.

This is the first ‘Bougie On A Budget’ segment on the blog – this will become a monthly feature where I give you tips on how to make and/or do something fantastic & expensive looking on a shoestring budget. I hope you’ll check back next month for the next segment!

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