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Blogger Interview: Greige MKT

Hey guys! I know I’ve been M.I.A as of late but I needed to take some time to deal with the craziness of life but now that things have settled, I am back and ready to go!

Today, I’m introducing you to fellow Lifestyle blogger, Anastasia from Greige MKT. Anastasia is my second Blogger Interview (the first post featured fashion blogger, Joshua from That Trendy Fellow – you can read his blogger interview here in case you missed it!) Blogger Interview - Greige MKT | Lifestyle Queen Bee


Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.
My name is Anastasia Nicole, I am a Virgo, Gemini rising, with a Leo moon. I have a full time job, a part time job, and a freelance gig or two. My approach to style is that it is a reflection of the totality of who you are–your dreams, your likes, dislikes, hopes, aspirations–and I explore that in on my blog. Or at least I will be with the roll-out of my newest content.  
Describe how you first got into blogging.
Picture it, Atlanta, the summer of 2007. Seriously, I got into blogging at the urging of an editorBlogger Feature: Greige Mkt | Lifestyle Queen Bee
I interned under. It was during the worst slump of the recession when jobs in publishing were hard to come by and she suggested I start a blog as a sort of online writing portfolio. My first blog was just me talking about trends on blogspot. Eventually I got into writing about street wear, music, and the whole Brooklyn/hipster vibe that was going around at that time. Then I grew up and evolved and ended up where I am now. It’s been a crazy ride that I love and am committed to 110%. 
What would you say is the biggest challenge about lifestyle blogging?
For me there have been two challenges, the first one is making sure that my blog remains a true reflection of who I am right now. The second challenge is standing out in a sea of blogs, most of which are writing about the same things. 
What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?
I would probably have to ask someone else this because I have done a ton of stuff that I’m all super proud of. I’ve been published in magazines and literary journals, been on and organized panels on fashion tech, worked fashion week, and all kinds of randomly awesome stuff. I think my biggest accomplishment may be introducing so many designers I have come to call friends to readers of my blog and the other sites I have written for over the years. 
How would you describe your personal style?
Effortless around the way girl chic, it’s this odd mix effortless Parisienne style, Kim Kardashian West, and everything amazing about the 90’s from door knocker earrings and brown lipstick to Calvin Klein slip dresses and Doc Martens. It’s a little all over the place but it works. 
What type of networking do you think is best to enhance your blog traffic?
The best kind of networking is the kind where you’re being real. Whether you are in a blogger group on Facebook or Instagram or one that meets IRL (in real life), if you show up legit interested.

A HUGE thank you to Anastasia for allowing me to feature her & her kickass blog on Lifestyle Queen Bee! XOXO

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