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Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Genius Review

Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Genius Review

I am a HUGE beauty fanatic. Makeup, hair, skincare, you name it. While some things tend to be more about creating a new look or feel for yourself, the other aspect is self-care. Taking care of yourself, including your skin, is vital. Ever since I was a pre-teen, I have been on a journey of finding the best products that will help me to put my best face forward. One of the struggles in trying to find such products is the trial and error you go through. Buying a product based on how cute the packaging is or how nice it smells can only get you so far when it comes down to putting that stuff on your face. While reading a magazine article or watching a commercial on TV can help give you more details about a particular product, I find nothing does it best than to read a review about someone who has the same skin issues as me (large pores & oily, blemish prone skin) tell me if this is a hit or a pass. One of the reasons I started my blog was to do be able to provide this service to others.

I am SO excited today to share my first (and definitely not my last!) product review! Today, I’m telling you all about the Arbonne Intelligence Genius UltraLQB Product Review: Arbonne Ultra Genius | Lifestyle Queen Bee

the product

Before I jump into my review, let’s start with the basics – such as what in the hell is an Ultra Genius & what exactly does it do??

Here’s the scoop: In 2013, the Arbonne skincare scientists started researching the ways they can help their skincare products work smarter, not harder. The result is the Genius Ultra, which is a cutting-edge skincare tool that helps boost your skin’s performance every single day. The Genius Ultra uses low level, ultrasound technology to deliver gentle waves to help penetrate skincare products right into your skin for the best possible results. There are also three warmth levels to help create a feeling of relaxation while maximizing the absorption of skincare products into your pores.

LQB Reviews: Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Genius | Lifestyle Queen Beemy REVIEW


The products I used for my review were (from left to right):

  1. RE9 Advanced, Intensive Serum
  2. Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Genius
  3. RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream

The steps are simple. After you have washed & dried your face, apply the serum to your face in gently circles (I like to rotate between clockwise & counterclockwise circles to stimulate my skin). Use the Ultra Genius to help absorb the product (I do it for about 5 minutes) and then finish off with the eye cream.

Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Genius: Arbonne Product Review | Lifestyle Queen BeeREVIEW ON ULTRA GENIUS

The Ultra Genius itself is a FANTASTIC product! It’s so easy to use, it’s compact for easy storage and charges with a USB. The three heat settings range from low, medium and high and I always used this on the highest setting. It literally glides on your skin and while you may feel like all it’s doing is adding a little warmth to your skincare routine, it is working hard to penetrate that serum deep down into your pores. The results are instant – my skin was left feeling soft and relaxed in no time. I even saw a little glow to my skin.

Arbonne Intensive Serum: Arbonne Product Review | Lifestyle Queen BeeREVIEW ON SERUM

The serum is extremely lightweight and feels so luxurious when massaging it into your skin. It has a nice, refreshing scent that is spa-like and not overbearing (take this from someone who can’t handle strong scents). Just applying this onto your skin alone is a treat but adding the Ultra Genius in only brings this product full circle. This serum worked it’s butt off throughout the night so much so that applying my foundation in the morning (even after I washed and moisturized with my other regular products) helped to make my foundation not only apply smoothly but keep my face looking as fresh and hydrated as it had in the warm, Summer months.

Arbonne Eye Cream: Arbonne Product Review | Lifestyle Queen BeeREVIEW ON EYE CREAM

I’m only 30 years old but have been using eye creams nightly since I turned 20 (Hey, don’t judge! I want to age as gracefully as possible!). Having 10 years of experience as to what works ans what it full of bull, this eye cream actually stood out amongst a lot of strong contenders. It’s non-greasy formula absorbs instantly and while I only applied it at night before bed (as per my usual routine), I woke still feeling the benefits and even noticed my foundation applied beautifully under my eyes.


So, what do I have to say about this Arbonne trio? AMAZING, FANTASTIC, A MUST BUY! I’m not just saying this because you may think I’m being strong armed into it or am swimming in all those hundred dollar bills Arbonne is paying me. Not in the least. A friend asked me to try it out and honestly post about my honest to God experience on my blog and that is exactly what I’m doing (but if Arbonne wanted to send me a truckload of money, I wouldn’t object to receiving it, just sayin’! lol)

So if you’re struggling with trying to help your skin find peace and balance in this dry weather, this is definitely worth every. single. penny.

Want to Know MORE About The Ultra Genius & Arbonne?

To get more info about ARBONNE, The Ultra Genius & their other products, you can visit their website here.

If you’re in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area for those of you not familiar with that acronym) & are interested in getting the Ultra Genius as a Christmas gift or for yourself, contact Char Lekx via the following channels:

  • Email: char.healthandwellness@gmail.com
  • Website: http://CharLekx.arbonne.com/ 

Char is the sweetest person there is so you will be in amazing hands! Not only is she informative about the products, she’s also a great person to chat with so you’ll be happy to cross paths with her!

You can also follow her on social media:

She also has a great blog for you mommies out there: http://1epicmom.com/

PSST! great news – the limited edition genius ultra blockbuster asvp, which includes the Genius Ultra, RE9 Advanced Intensive serum, eye cream, on-the-go bag, facial oil (+ free shipping) is available for order until december 10!

I hope that you found my product review to be informative and has encouraged you to get out there and buy one of these bad boys for yourself – I can’t stress enough how AWESOME this product is!

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