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7 Smoothie Recipes To Energize You This Week

7 Smoothie Recipes To Energize You This Week

7 Smoothie Recipes To Energize You This Week | Lifestyle Queen Bee

I have become absolutely OBSESSED with smoothies lately. I just love how quick and easy they are to whip up & enjoy. Of course, they are packed full of vitamins and nutrients so it’s a healthier option than grabbing a can of Diet Coke (a habit I am slowly but surely kicking!). They also provide you with that boost of energy to get shit done…or maybe that’s just me.

Just before Christmas, my mother gifted my husband and me with a Ninja Blender that comes with three different functions: A larger blender, a food processor and an individual cup for blended drinks. We had a Magic Bullet for years but I rarely used it (my husband would make smoothies post-workout with them so, in my mind, I considered it his blender) but with the Ninja, I found myself making smoothies all the time, especially with the discovery of Welch’s Smoothie Packets (FYI – I pick mine up in the frozen section at Walmart. My fave mix is the Pineapple Calypso blend – and no this isn’t an ad!)

So for those of you looking for some smoothie inspiration, check out this list of some of my fave recipes I’ve stumbled across on Pinterest:

7 Smoothie Recipes to Energize You This Week | Lifestyle Queen Bee

  1. Energy Boosting Oatmeal Berry Breakfast SmoothieNorth South Blonde
  2. Strawberry Cashew SmoothieEarthly Taste
  3. Purple Power Up SmoothieGather for Bread
  4. Berry Mango SmoothieCitron Limette
  5. Triple Berry Kiwi SmoothieThe Pretty Bee
  6. Strawberry Pineapple  Kale Smoothie – Damn Delicious
  7. Raspberry Almond Chia SmoothieDelightful E Made

Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe?
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