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6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips

6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips
6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen Bee
6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen Bee

I know you must be absolutely tired of reading up the same tips over and over.

Don’t we all crave for something that is out of the box, unique and at the same time easy to do? Well here are a few rather technical beauty hacks that will revolutionize your beauty game forever. Read on to know the latest backstage fashion tips to a perfect face makeup and flawless hairdos.

Sun-Kissed GlowSun-Kissed Glow - 6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen Bee

There are days when you just don’t want your makeup to be super prominent and prefer to give off a more natural vibe. Coloured cheekbones are alluring but nothing looks as charming as the natural sun-kissed flushed skin look.

Here’s how you can achieve the look: If you place a rather rosy tinted brush right on the space under your eyes, high up on the cheekbones you achieve a colour on your skin which mimics the flush you get from the sun as that is where it naturally hits you on the skin.

The Perfect Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye - 6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen BeeOnce again, the perfect smokey eye could be the sharp indents of the liner or a rather smudgy and dusty look. For me, it’s the latter. So how do you achieve that? Well, simply apply a moisturizer with a Q-tip once you’re putting on the liner and then just wipe it away. This way, it doesn’t come off completely and forms a residual buildup. Which gives the perfect dusty look.

Textured Hair

Textured Hair  - 6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen BeeThis tip is all about how to use your texturising spray in the right manner. You don’t want it overdone so instead of spritzing it right onto your hair after blow drying, squeeze some out on your hand and run the hand through your hair. It partially wets the hair and gives an elaborate texture while some of the hair are dry.

Slicked-Back Hair

Slicked-Back Hair - 6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen BeeI swear I don’t find anything more glamorous than slicked-back hair. But slicked-back hair can only mean loads and loads of gel product. Right? Right?! Wrong! That is not the only way you can achieve that look. Just replace it with hairspray. In fact, hairspray keeps the volume of your hair intact and doesn’t water it down. You cannot see scalp, and much less product is used so this style can be worn comfortably.

Curl Away

Curls - 6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen BeeCurl your hair. Nothing beats this old-school most natural fashion. Curling is a classic fashion which many of the celebrities choose to adhere to always. Dita Von Teese says she has the straightest hair in the world but never once have someone seen her not wearing her waves and curls. But if you’re not a hot rollers person, consider getting this cordless curling iron. It does wonders!

Perfect Nails

Perfect Nails - 6 Genius Makeup & Hair Tips | Lifestyle Queen BeeEveryone wants a perfect nail paint job but are you aware of the secret behind that deeply pigmented nail polish? I’ll tell you. It’s all about the base coat. A base coat protects the nail and doesn’t allow the nail polish pigment to get any lighter because of the natural nail’s colour. It provides a base to work on.

I hope you enjoyed these simple, genius hacks to step up your makeup game!

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She is obsessed with fashion, makeup, and new makeovers.

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