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5 Podcasts Every Lifestyle Blogger Should Be Listening To

5 Podcasts Every Lifestyle Blogger Should Be Listening To

One of my favourite things about podcasts is how there is literally something for everyone. You can listen to podcasts to help you become a better cook, friend, employee or parent. There’s podcasts to help you improve your time management, budgeting, cooking & even yourself. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s a podcast for that. You can listen to a podcast on your commute and from work or even while you cook dinner. It’s an amazing way to stimulate your mind and learning something new. While blogging is one way Lifestyle Bloggers can reach their target audience, many are crossing over into the world of podcasts and it’s easy to see why – they’re everywhere.

If you’re a Lifestyle blogger and new to the whole podcast thing, I’m here to point you in the right direction of which podcasts you should be listening to for inspiration but also personal enjoyment!

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  1. The Lively Show
    This podcast is all about inspiration. Just listening to host Jess Lively makes you want to get out there and do something amazing. From interviews to discussions on how some successful #girlbosses got their starts, it’s a podcast that will make you want to keep setting & crushing your own goals.
  2. A Few Things With Claire & Erica
    Listening to Claire and Erica’s podcast makes you feel like you’re sitting in your living room, discussing all the stuff you love over a glass of wine. This weekly podcast is based on their popular weekly newsletter 10 Things, and they discuss things they’re obsessing over, from food to beauty, and much more. These two visionaries are famous for being influential curators with a knack for discovering the next big thing. Once you listen, you’ll be hooked.
  3. Inc. Uncensored
    If you’re a Lifestyle Blogger who looks at your blog or brand as a business, this podcast is for you. Like their magazine Inc, this podcast focuses on startups, technology, with discussions on trends, companies, services, and products that are of interest to the lifestyle blogger. 
  4. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
    Yes, that Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love and her latest book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear). As an extension of Big Magic, this podcast further delves into the topic of creativity. This podcast will motivate you, spark your creativity or simply get you excited about your own potential.
  5. The Great Girlfriends Show
    This controversial podcast series, created by entrepreneurs Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel, was started as a platform to help women to establish a lucrative business of their own but also discusses topics about networking, maintaining life-long friendships, surviving hardships, and creating a life you can be passionate and excited about.

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