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5 Must Have Eye Makeup Products

5 Must Have Eye Makeup Products

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Eye makeup can really make a look come together. Whether you’re trying to look fresh-faced or glamourous for a night out, having the right eye can really put together that vision. While we all use a variety of techniques in our everyday makeup routines, knowing what the must-have products for our arsenal doesn’t hurt – that’s why guest blogger, Chelsea, is sharing her top 5 eye makeup products to give you the most bang for your buck.

Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s life as it can help them in looking fresh-faced and beautiful throughout the day and night. For any woman, it can be hard to carry around all the necessary products so we only ensure we have the ‘must have’ products in a small pouch or makeup bag that holds every tool you need. For every woman, there is a slight difference between the makeup techniques they use however the basics remain the same for all.

Concealer5 Must Have Eye Makeup Products | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Dark under-eye circles can ruin all of your efforts if they are not properly concealed. While there are many concealers and color correctors available on the market, let me introduce you to the ultimate solution for your under-eye circles.

Did you know under-eye concealers with peachy undertones goes well for every skin type? They can be used as a primer, color corrector and concealer. That is why I call it a must have product in your makeup bag. It also helps to eliminate fine lines and redness. Its peachy color allows you to use it on your cheekbones for highlighting purposes as well.

Double Ended Eye Pencil

I try to grab onto multi-purpose makeup products and double ended eyeliner is one of them. They are cost effective and save space when carrying a number of eyeliners at one time.

Try to pick one in white and black shades. White eyeliner can be used to make your eyes look bigger and can be used as a primer to help your eyeshadow pop.

On the other hand, black eye pencils can help you tight line your upper water line to go for a natural look and you can use it to achieve the perfect cat eye look.

Mascara5 Must Have Eye Makeup Products | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Need a quick fix to make your eyes look wide open and bigger? Mascara can do the trick with one application.

Lush lashes help to define your eyes and make them look beautiful. You can choose from variety of different mascaras according to your lash type. Try to pick a smudge-proof, lightweight mascara. Tubing mascara works best for adding thickness to your lashes.

Eye Makeup Remover

If you are sick of spending a lot of time to remove your waterproof mascara or eye makeup, it’s time to invest in a good eye makeup remover.

A good remover helps you remove stubborn eye makeup without rubbing your eyes. Using eye makeup remover does not cause any irritation to your eyes. While they remove makeup, they also condition your lashes and lids.

Eyeshadow5 Must Have Eye Makeup Products | Lifestyle Queen Bee

To create a dramatic statement with your eyes, you will require a pop of color. Eyeshadow performs the job of providing color to your eyes. Nowadays, eyeshadows are available in all sorts of form from pencils, cream to powder form.

I would recommend carrying an eyeshadow palette with neutral and popping colors as they can provide a multitude of looks and save space. Use nudes that compliment your skin tone to achieve a classic everyday look and wear darker shadows to make heads turn.

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