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5 Lifestyle Blogs You NEED to Follow!

Unless you’re living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve noticed that virtually everyone and everything is online these days! Personally speaking, I am online every single day for a variety of reasons – using recipes to make a new meal, looking up information on something, reading emails, catching up on social media and of course, blogging. As a new blogger (& a lifestyle blogger at that), it can be scary to see just how many bloggers are out there doing the same thing. While it can be intimidating to see what wonderful things some bloggers are up to, turn that fear into inspiration! I LOVE to read blogs (long before I decided to give it a go myself) and think it is so important to support each other as there is plenty to go around for us all!

Below are my Top 5 Lifestyle Bloggers you need to be following NOW!

5 Lifestyle Blogs You NEED to Follow Now! | Lifestyle Queen Bee

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  1. Oh Joy!Oh Joy! | 5 Lifestyle Blogs You NEED to Follow Now!
    Joy Cho is literally #girlboss goals. She took her graphic design studio and transformed it into a drool-worthy lifestyle empire. Her blog features great tips, lots of colour and inspiration to keep going after your dreams. She even has an awesome line at Target!
  2. Glitter GuideGlitter Guide | 5 Lifestyle Blogs You NEED To Follow!
    Glitter Guide is the ultimate blog for any girly girl. I can send countless hours on here looking at their book recommendations, fashion tips and general awesomeness. If you haven’t bookmarked this blog yet, do it now! If you’re on instagram, they have a hashtag #flashesofdelight where fellow instagrammers can tag their gorgeous photos!
  3. The Skinny ConfidentialThe Skinny Confidential | 5 Lifestyle Blogs You NEED to Follow Now!
    Lauren Evarts is the creative director behind The Skinny Confidential. Her finger is on the pulse of what’s what in the world of any modern day woman. Her blog gives me life. Lauren’s style and taste is so spot on – no wonder she’s the girl crush of so many bloggers! Her blog also offers videos, a podcast and a book you can read on the beach this weekend!
  4. The Every GirlThe Every Girl | 5 Lifestyle Blogs You NEED to Follow Now!
    The Every Girl blog is one of my faves not just because the images are GORGEOUS, the content keeps you coming back for more! This blog discusses topics from Fashion & Beauty to Career & Finance making it literally for every girl. If you haven’t checked this blog out, go there NOW (and hop on their instagram feed too because you’ll spend hours looking at their photos!)
  5. Design*SpongeDesign*Sponge | 5 Lifestyle Blogs You NEED to Follow Now!
    If you’re ever on the hunt for DIY inspiration, delicious recipes & enviable decorating tips, Design Sponge is the place to be. I can sit and stare at the beautiful photos for hours. I kid you not. They also have a great hashtag on instagram (#DScolor) you not only should be tagging your photos with, but also checking out for further inspiration!

Hopefully after reading this post, you have saved all of them to your RSS feeds – they are amazing ladies! As mentioned, I am a new lifestyle blogger as well and look to these blogs (as well as many others) as inspiration that I too can achieve wonderful, amazing things if I stick to it.

What blogs do you follow? Who do you look up to in your blogging career?

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