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5 Easy Ways Pinterest Can TRIPLE Your Blog Traffic!

5 Easy Ways Pinterest Can TRIPLE Your Blog Traffic!

I’m sure you hear it all the time but what you hear is true: Pinterest is a vital tool to bringing traffic to your blog. While most still see Pinterest just as a place to be inspired and make your life a little prettier, many know it is a valuable source when it comes to their blog. I’m not just saying that because I’ve read TONS of posts about it – I’ve actually experienced the growth in my own blog from applying some of the tricks and tips I’ve learned. So, if you’re struggling to get people to come to your amazing blog, here are 5 easy tricks you can apply with Pinterest that will help you see double, even TRIPLE, the traffic on your blog!

[ Create a Professional Profile ]

First things first: You need to create a business profile for your Pinterest Account.

When I created my account, I simply converted my personal account to a Business account as I had my account for YEARS and had lots of great content already on it. I ensured that I added my name with my Business name and also used a picture of myself as opposed to my blog logo. Unless you’re a well-known blog/brand, the logo won’t have as much impact on your followers as seeing the face behind the brand does.

Other Helpful Tips:

  • Add keywords to your profile description that are related to your blog/niche to help attract the right followers when they use the search function
  • Move the important boards you want traction on up so it is visible right away
  • Make sure EVERY board has text in the description. Text is GOD for SEO so use that to your advantage – even for your general interest boards — still need to add text in there (especially keywords to make your boards searchable!)
  • Speaking of general interest boards, if they aren’t something that would appeal to your target readers and/or niche and are more of a personal enjoyment, make those boards private so you can still pin on a personal level without diluting your brand/business.

[ Boost Those Pins ]

When creating images for your blog posts, be sure to optimize your photos both for Pinterest and Google.  Image SEO consists of three areas: Title, Description and Alt Text.Alt Text is the most important one and is the text that Pinterest pulls to fill the description field when a pin is created. Pinterest is pulling about 80 characters only, so when you blog, do the following: Add a keyword-rich description in the Alt Text in your photos, but don’t add too many.Add just enough so when a visitor pins, you get some keywords in there. Then, when you pin your own, you can increase the text when you manually pin it for the first time. After that, you’re looping pins to group boards and your other boards, and that will carry the text on through.

Image SEO consists of 3 areas: Title, Description and Alt Text. Alt Text is VITAL as it is the text that Pinterest pulls to fill the description field whenever a new pin is created. Pinterest only pulls about 80 characters so ensure to do the following for maximum results: Add a keyword-rich description in the Alt Text for your images (keeping within the 80 character range). When you pin your own images, you can increase the text when you manually pin it for the first time. After that, you’re looping pins to group boards and your other boards, and that will carry the text on through.

[ Pinterest Group Boards Are Your Best Friend ]

Pinterest Group Boards have massively contributed to the increase in my blog traffic. Group Boards provide additional places for you to promote your pins, which in turn, increases your exposure.

Look for Group Boards that are in your niche as well as those who are strictly functioning to promote blogs/bloggers. By doing this, you are ensuring you are bringing your target readers back to your blog. Once the reader is on your blog from the pin they clicked on, they are likely to poke around your blog and your other content – if they like what they see, then you may have just earned yourself a loyal reader.

Key Characteristics to Look For When Joining a Group Board:

  • In Your Niche
  • Promotes Blogs/Bloggers (niche or general)
  • Has a large following (=maximum exposure)

In addition to joining Group Boards, an amazing way to boost your blog traffic is to create your own Group Board. Having those interested in contributing to your Group Board(s) request permission by going to your blog will boost your traffic and again, while they are there already, they probably will poke around to see what you have to offer.

I would recommend converting a board you already have that is related to your niche that already has a minimum of 100-200 pins to a group board. It will increase the desirability of joining a board that already has great content and a following (no matter how small it may be – it WILL grow!)

You can find Group Boards to join or advertise your own Group Board(S) on the Facebook Group: Pinterest Group Boards

[ Spread The Word ]

Now that you have a Business Pinterest account, a great Group Board (or two!) for others to join along with amazing pin content, let people know about it!

Make sure you are joining Blogging groups on Facebook, get active on social media and don’t forget to plug your Group Boards whenever you can in blog posts!

[ Being Active is KEY! ]

Being active on Pinterest is KEY but it can be hard to be active every day when you have a full-time job, a family to take care of and your blog to maintain. Using a program like Tailwind can help you appear active and keep that good content coming to your boards.

Now, go apply these Pinterest tips to your own blog & account and watch those numbers grow!

What Pinterest tips do you have that weren’t mentioned above that you use to boost your blog traffic?
Share in the comments below!

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