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5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By

5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: Having a nightly routine is beneficial to ensure you are regularly maintaining not only your health but your hair and skin. I wrote about developing a nightly skin routine (you can check that post out here if you missed it) but today’s post highlights the other habits you should be incorporating into your evening routine to ensure you wake up with healthy skin.

5 Bedtime Habits That Women With Great Skin Swear By | Lifestyle Queen Bee

People who have smooth and flawless skin swear by habits that lead to the end result of what every woman wants. Getting a good skin isn’t something that is hard to follow, but it definitely needs your persistent efforts. This is why you need to adopt lifestyle and habits that suit your beauty regimen.

Here are 5 bedtime habits that women with great skin swear by, and so should you:

[ Removing Makeup ]

No matter how tired you are, removing makeup is an essential thing before you hit your pillow every night. Take a good makeup remover and get rid of any residue that might be present on your skin.

Going to bed with makeup not only clogs your pores but it also prevents the repair of dead skin cells. This is why you should definitely remove makeup and let the cosmetic of all day long flow out of your skin.

Cleansing ]

After you remove makeup, cleansing is a cherry on top. It leaves the skin cells repaired and fresh. Exfoliating your skin every night removes impurities and oil. Use a great face mask and scrub it carefully to get rid of the dead skin.

Believe us that with extensive care and following this routine every night, you will wake up with supple and glowing skin.

[ Loose & Covered Hair ]

While open hair ensures that the blood flow carefully throughout, it can be a hassle after your skincare routine. It is necessary that you prevent your hair to pollute and disturb your skin.

Tie back to your hair in a loose knot or a laid down pony tail before you go to bed. Remember that it shouldn’t be something that compresses your hair. Your bedtime hair style should be gentle yet refined in a way that no stray hair comes out. In case you want your hair to be breathable, just wear a plush silk cap and relax.

[ Eye Cream ]

One of the things that people with good skin vouch on is that eyes are the element of what makes them and their skin the most attractive. We all know that under-eye area gets affected the most if your sleeping pattern or routine is not healthy. Make sure that you take proper measures if this is the reason because you will never want your eyes to look saggy.

Invest in a good eye cream, and use it regularly so that you can get rid of wrinkles and dark circles.

[ Moisturizing Cream ]

No matter if you have dry or oily skin, hydrating your skin every night retains the moisture. Not only will your skin be hydrated, but your pores will be cleansed and the moisture will be locked inside.

For this, you need to be extremely vigilant while choosing a moisturizer that is going to be a part of your night-time routine. A good moisturizer with all the ingredients that are needed by the skin ensures that you get rid of wrinkles, stress lines, pigmentations and other issues that could arise from the negligence of skin.

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