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4 Home Updates That Make You a Good Host

4 Home Updates That Make You a Good Host

Note from Lana | Lifestyle Queen Bee: I love entertaining at our home. Especially now that we have moved back to our hometown and have a great home for entertaining, that love has only grown. When hosting these events, you tend to have overnight guests so ensuring that you have the appropriate accommodations for them is key. Guest Blogger, Aurora McCausland, is highlighting a few key updates to make to your home to help make your guests comfortable with their stay.

4 Home Updates That Make You a Good Host | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Everyone wants to be a good host. Being a host is a lot more than just making sure you have drinks in the fridge and a supply of toilet paper in the bathroom.

Whether your home is the place for parties and events, or you have house guests on a regular basis, there are things and updates you can make to your home that will make you better equipped to be a good host.


The room no one really wants to talk about. It’s one of the most important rooms of your house, and you need to make sure that it’s well stocked and has everything that your guest could need.

Aside from keeping it well stocked with every toiletry imaginable, what else should you do to make your bathroom welcoming to your guests? Your bathroom should also have ease of use. Updating your bathroom, or doing a simple bathroom remodel, will not only be a great addition to your home and improve your equity, but it will make you a better host.

One of the most important parts of the bathroom has less to do with the way it looks, and more to do with the way that it functions. Make sure that all of your plumbing is up to date and functioning properly, so there aren’t any embarrassed house guests asking why your toilet won’t flush or how to make your shower run properly.

Kitchen4 Updates To Your Home That Make You a Good Host | Lifestyle Queen Bee

The kitchen is a wonderful multipurpose space in your home. Not only is it the place that you prepare the food for your guests, but it’s also a place to serve your guests. It’s a place to gather together and bond with your family and loved ones.

Just like your bathroom needs to function properly, so does your kitchen. Ensuring that your appliances all function correctly and run without issues is important to make sure that staying with you is an enjoyable experience for your guests.

Aside from appliances working right, a few other great updates to your kitchen include making sure that your drawers and hardware all work smoothly, as well as updating your kitchen seating situation to be comfortable and inviting.

Guest Bedroom4 Updates To Your Home That Make You a Good Host | Lifestyle Queen Bee

If your guests are going to be staying for any extended period of time, you’ll need to make sure that your guest room is ready for their stay.

Having a dedicated space for them so they can unwind and organize their things is essential to your guests having a good experience while staying with you. A comfortable bed and a closet are just the beginnings to having an inviting guest room. Picking the right mattress and bedding is important; think about the season.

During the summer months, you’ll want bedding that is light, so they don’t get too hot. However, as the weather turns colder, you’ll want to bring out the heavier blankets, and even leave a few extra in their room for them to use if they happen to get a little chilly at night.

Try to make sure that everything they could need during their stay is easily accessible to them, and set aside for them in the guest bedroom. No matter how good of a host you are, your guests may feel uncomfortable coming to you to ask for something that they need. Having everything they need set aside in their room will make them more comfortable and eliminate them feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

Keep Things Simple & Sophisticated4 Updates To Your Home That Make You a Good Host | Lifestyle Queen Bee

When trying to be a good host, it all really comes down to making sure everything in your home is easy to access and there is an ease of use. Having adequate amenities available for your guests is also important; things like fluffy towels and luxurious bed sheets will be noticed, appreciated, and go a long way to setting you apart as a stellar host.

If something requires a lot of explaining in order to function it properly, chances are it could be useful to upgrade it. Making updates to your home not only make you a better host, but they improve the quality and value of your home, which increases your equity. Overall, making these updates to your home is only ever a positive thing.

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