Bougie On A Budget: 10 Ways to Wow at Your Wedding

This past weekend, my husband & I celebrated our first year of marriage (January 28th). We had a beach wedding in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) with 40 of our closest friends & family. The day itself went off without a hitch – beautiful weather, delicious food, lots of love and joy – I truly couldn’t have asked for a better day.

While planning a destination can save you significant money, it’s still a lot of work & not knowing what things actually look like until you’re physically there can be a bit overwhelming but I’d recommend it to anyone. Not only do you get to say your vows in a gorgeous setting but you get to make a trip out of it with a group of people!

In today’s post, I’m giving you 10 budget tips I used for my wedding that Continue reading “Bougie On A Budget: 10 Ways to Wow at Your Wedding”

Essential Websites Every #Girlboss Needs to Be Religiously Following

Have you decided to FINALLY start that blog you’ve been putting off or started your own business this year? Well, congratulations & welcome to #girlboss status! Going after your dreams, no matter how big or small, can be exciting & scary! You’ve finally taking the step in the direction of creating a life that you want to live but that also means feeling overwhelmed by all there is to know & being right at the tip of the iceberg. While we’ve all been there Continue reading “Essential Websites Every #Girlboss Needs to Be Religiously Following”

LQB Blogger Interview: Melanie Seiler / Conifer Investing

Wow! I can’t believe January is almost over! Does the year still feel shiny & new to you or do you feel yourself slowlyyyy creeping back towards your comfort zone & away from your set goals? If the latter is your answer, then it’s time you reset your mind & kick your butt back into gear! Can I make 2 small suggestions? 1) A great planner helps to track not only your time BUT your goals (Don’t know where to start? Check out my post on the Top 5 Planners You Need to Make 2017 Successful) and 2) Help useful actually achieve your goals by checking out my Ultimate Guide to Setting Goals. Now before you run off to read these great posts, stick around to meet Melanie Seiler from Conifer Investing (my 2nd Blogger Feature of 2017!). In case you’re thinking to yourself Continue reading “LQB Blogger Interview: Melanie Seiler / Conifer Investing”

Taking a Day Off! [No New Post]

Hey loves!

Hope you’re having a fabulous start to the week so far!

There’s a lot going on this week so unfortunately, I’ll be taking a break from posting but will be back in action with a GREAT blogger feature – so be sure to check back next Tuesday to see who the lucky lady is!

In the meantime, why don’t you check out the Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016 to get some awesome freebies!

Have a great week!

Guest Post: Top 3 Most Overlooked Blog Promotion Tactics

Editor’s Note: Hey Guys! Who’s ready for our first guest post of 2017? I know I am & it’s a GOOD one! If you’re a new blogger (or even a seasoned pro), sometimes knowing where & how to promote your blog & all it’s great content seems damn near impossible! Today, Amy Lyon from Country Mouse, City Spouse is sharing 3 ways you may have Continue reading “Guest Post: Top 3 Most Overlooked Blog Promotion Tactics”

LQB Blogger Interview: Erin Angela / Glitter & Mojitos


 It’s now been a little over a week since 2017 has started – how are you doing with your resolutions at this rate? Hopefully you’re all still going strong! One of my goals for the year was to feature more amazing bloggers & creative types on my blog as my theme for 2017 is growth, support & success. While I featured bloggers on a monthly basis last year, I’ve had an EXPLOSION of interest from others being featured so I’ll be featuring some amazing people over the next few weeks – be prepared to get to know some kick ass bloggers as well as Continue reading “LQB Blogger Interview: Erin Angela / Glitter & Mojitos”

It’s Official: Lifestyle Queen Bee Virtual Assistant Services + How to Start Your Own VA Business!

A new year always brings on new and exciting challenges! That’s why I am beyond excited to announce the official launch of my new Virtual Continue reading “It’s Official: Lifestyle Queen Bee Virtual Assistant Services + How to Start Your Own VA Business!”