The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials

Winter is coming. If you’re a Canadian reader, you’re probably already living winter conditions although it still is technically Fall (FYI – Winter is officially here on December 21). Maybe the cold weather has set in but you haven’t experienced any snow yet but you might be experiencing the telltale signs of dry hair and skin. Instead of going through the days dried out and looking flaky like a pie crust, it’s about time to swap out the ways (and products) of warmer weather and start transitioning for the long, cold winter ahead. Today, I’m sharing my ultimate guide to winter essentials to help get you started before you officially hibernate for the winter. Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide of Winter Essentials”

How I Did With My Fall Goals

Back in September, I shared my 20 goals for the Fall (the original post is here). As the season is quickly coming to a close, I’m doing a check-in to see what I accomplished & what needs to be carried over to the Winter.

How I Did With My Fall Goals | Lifestyle Queen Bee


  1. Read 4 Novels
    I was able to read 2 novels & I’m halfway through my 3rd. There were a few unexpected visitors who stayed with us as well as lots of changes that kept us busy so this was a goal I just didn’t have time for. Even though I was more than halfway there, I’ll put it forward to Winter to ensure I complete it in full.

Continue reading “How I Did With My Fall Goals”

Blogger Interview: Greige MKT

Hey guys! I know I’ve been M.I.A as of late but I needed to take some time to deal with the craziness of life but now that things have settled, I am back and ready to go!

Today, I’m introducing you to fellow Lifestyle blogger, Anastasia from Greige MKT. Anastasia is my second Blogger Interview (the first post featured fashion blogger, Joshua from That Trendy Fellow – you can read his blogger interview here in case you missed it!)  Continue reading “Blogger Interview: Greige MKT”