10 Scary Movies That Will Scare You Half to Death

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If you’re looking to spend Halloween at home on the couch instead of out partying in a cheap costume that cost you more than it was worth, check out one of these truly scary movies to give you the creeps (Warning: If you scare easily, Continue reading “10 Scary Movies That Will Scare You Half to Death”

10 Steps to Host a Kickass Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (It’s next Monday here in Canada), the thoughts of Turkey, Gravy and Cornucopias might be dancing around in your head (think sugar plums at Christmas). If you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving, the thought can be nothing short of a nightmare. Before you throw in the towel, check out my 10 steps for hosting a kickass Thanksgiving Gathering!

How to Host a Kickass Thanksgiving | Lifestyle Queen Bee

  1. Get yourself organized in advance
    Preparation in advance is key to everything, including hosting a gathering. Get yourself ready for your hosting duties by checking out this fun infographic (scroll to the bottom of the post).
  2. Set a gorgeous table (on a budget)
    While you’re running around getting the food purchased & prepared, don’t forget about setting the table! Leave your guests in awe with these High Style, Low Budget Thanksgiving Table Ideas!
  3. Don’t forget about the kids!
    If you have any nephews, nieces or other tiny humans coming to your dinner, make sure you make them feel included by bringing a little fun to the table with these FREE Printable Colouring placemats.
  4. Cue the music!
    While keeping things quiet during dinner time is key to ensure the conversations around the table is the focus, make sure you have a great Thanksgiving playlist for the pre and post-dinner activities.
  5. Prepare delicious appetizers
    Your guests may be there for a spectacular dinner, don’t forget some of them may not have eaten in a few hours so keep their inner hangry monsters at bay with a few delicious appetizers. Try one (or a few!) of these 29 Thanksgiving appetizers.
  6. Have a signature drink
    Skip the typical wine offerings (or save it for dinner) and spruce up the gathering with a signature drink for the evening, like this Caramel Apply Sangria.
  7. Make a delicious turkey
    Is this your first turkey? Don’t panic! It’s a lot easier to prepare than you think! Take the guess work out and learn how to roast the perfect turkey here.
  8. Have a memorable dessert
    Pumpkin pie? How 2015. Don’t be a cliche and serve something up with a little creativity. No idea what to make? Try this Pumpkin Bundt Cake!
  9. Play some party games!
    What’s a game without a little fun? After everyone is full of turkey and gravy, the natural thing to want to do is sit around and not do much of anything. Don’t let your guests become lethargic (& ultimately kill your party vibe early!) – bust out a few games to keep the fun going & everyone moving! Gather some awesome ideas here.
  10. Send everyone home with a little somethin’ somethin’
    Now that it’s getting late & everyone is ready to head on home, to help than them for stopping by, why not give the gift of leftovers to your guests? Personally, i would be happy to take home some turkey and gravy to make post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches at home. Wow your guests one last time with this FREE Thanksgiving Leftover Printable Bag.

While you’ve got a GREAT outline of what to include in your Thanksgiving dinner, you can add to it as you see fit. First time hosting Thanksgiving? This post should help you feel a little less frazzled and a little more Martha Stewart.



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20 Creative Ways to Say Thanks

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