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10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup

10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup

10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup | Lifestyle Queen Bee

I am a generally messy person and I hate organizing anything! Even so, I absolutely love organizing my makeup. Every time I organize it, I take along look at how much it is and how beautiful it looks. It really is a great feeling, knowing that you have everything; from high-end moisturizers to sunscreens and foundations. It really induces ecstasy in me, even though I feel nothing when I mess it up again the next morning 🙂

Since I have vast experience in organizing makeup, I am going to give you not one, not two but ten tips on how you can organize yours! Note that I have, at some point, used these methods for myself as well!

Let’s get started:

Buy a Makeup Organizer10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup | Lifestyle Queen Bee

Makeup organizers are super convenient. The only problem is that I have not yet found one that is big enough to fit all my makeup in!

Make Your Own Organizer

There are so many tutorials online to make the cutest makeup organizers! My favorite kind is the adorable little chests of drawers they make out of cardboard.

Use an Old Box10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup | Lifestyle Queen Bee

I’m sure all of us, at some point, have used an old shoe box or lunch box or something to store our makeup.

Make Compartments in a Drawer

Empty out a drawer, make little compartments or store everything in separate boxes and place them in that drawer.

…or Use a Whole Chest of Drawers!

My current method of storing makeup (yes, I am a hoarding monster); even though I really don’t think you can call it organized!

Stick it up With Magnets

Yes, I have tried this too. It is super convenient and worked until the magnets lost their…magnetism? Anyway, it ended up breaking an entire shade from my Naked 3 palette and so I never went down that road again.

Use a Shelf

Just like a drawer, clear off a whole shelf from your bookcase or wardrobe and make little compartments for your makeup.

Just put it in Separate Bags

If you really don’t have a lot of space but you do have a lot of makeup, you can just place it in different bags and stow it away in a drawer. This makes it easier to carry when traveling as well although anything with weak packaging may not survive…

Buy a Hanging Organizer

If you don’t know what a hanging organizer is, click here. This is another super convenient method but only if you hang it close to your mirror. This does not work if you have a lot of makeup, though.

Get Really Creative10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup | Lifestyle Queen Bee

There was a time when I actually painted an egg crate and used it to store my single eyeshadows! Another time, I emptied a potted plant, filled it with those fake stones and put in my brushes. The point is that you can totally explore your imagination! Go wild and hone your skills as a makeup organizer.

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