Lifestyle Queen Bee Relaunches Virtual Assistant Services!

Back in January, I announced the launch of my Virtual Assistant Business (original announcement post here) which I was so excited to start! It was something I had done for many on the side for years & finalyl decided to make it a business for myself as a step to creating the life I wanted to live.

Things started off great. I joined a few VA groups on Facebook, I was building my business to a level I was happy with and I was even garnering interest from potential clients…then something (or rather, a few people) got in my way. I took some time to make some changes in my life outside of this business in order to be back in the right mindpsace and I am so HAPPY to announce that I have finally gotten back to a place where I am ready to tackle my business again!

You can head over to my Virtual Assistant Services page (which is back in the public eye again) for more information!

If you’re interested in my services, please send me a message through my Contact Page!


Things I’m Currently Obsessing Over: February Edition

One of my favourite things is discovering new products, food, restaurants, etc. As I try to do more and try more in my new life here in Toronto, I’ve definitely been coming across so much more things to discover! As a Lifestyle blogger, it’s one of the things I strive to do – introduce my readers to things I’ve discovered that you may love too! That being said, I’ve decided to start a monthly feature where I Continue reading “Things I’m Currently Obsessing Over: February Edition”

Defining the Lifestyle Niche

‘It is imperative to define the niche for your blog in order to truly be successful’.
Does that sound familiar? When I first started my blog last year and was conducting research on how to be successful at it, this was something I was finding everywhere. The only problem is, as a Lifestyle blogger, there isn’t a ‘one niche fits all’ for us because Continue reading “Defining the Lifestyle Niche”

Fun Date Ideas for The Non-Traditional Couple

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re here looking for romantic, lovey dovey date ideas, you’ve come to the wrong place! While I do enjoy a good romantic dinner or to be surprised with flowers from my husband from time to time, we are definitely a more non-traditional couple when it comes to celebrating our love for each other. If this sounds like you and your significant other, I’ve put together a list of fun ways to Continue reading “Fun Date Ideas for The Non-Traditional Couple”

5 Podcasts Every Lifestyle Blogger Should Be Listening To

One of my favourite things about podcasts is how there is literally something for everyone. You can listen to podcasts to help you become a better cook, friend, employee or parent. There’s podcasts to help you improve your time management, budgeting, cooking & even yourself. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s a podcast for that. You can listen to a podcast on your commute and from work or even while you cook dinner. It’s an amazing way to stimulate your mind and learning something new. While blogging is one way Lifestyle Bloggers can reach their target audience, many are Continue reading “5 Podcasts Every Lifestyle Blogger Should Be Listening To”

LQB Blogger Feature: Ashlyn Bradbury

Happy February everyone! Another month means another opportunity to feature more awesome bloggers with you! Today, I’m featuring fellow blogger, Ashlyn Bradbury, from her blog, Ashlyn Bradbury. Ashlyn is a new-ish blogger who is definitely one to watch! Her blog is beautifully laid out and has some amazing content – it is well worth popping over to check out BUT before you go, stay awhile & get to know Continue reading “LQB Blogger Feature: Ashlyn Bradbury”

How Pinterest Can Help Your Blog Boom & Earn You Money!

Ever since I stumbled upon Pinterest years ago, I have been hooked from the start. I can spend hours drooling over dream houses, replicating the perfect outfit or being inspired by amazing DIY projects. When I decided to start my blog in June 2016 and decided to start looking to blog tips & tricks on Pinterest, I found myself in an ocean of information (& I’m STILL learning new stuff all the time!). Pinterest is an AMAZING place to get inspired & learn new things from home decorating to recipes but did you know Pinterest is also a fantastic tool to helping you boost your blog traffic & help you earn money? One of my goals this year is to grow my blog & start earning revenue from it so after doing TONS of research on how to do this, Pinterest was one that coming up over and over again. So I thought I would share some of the great tips I’ve learned & have adopted to my own blog so you have a starting point for your own blog.

[ A Few Ways Pinterest Can Help Boost Your Blog Traffic ]

  • Freebies
    Everybody loves something free so why not create a few goodies to post on your blog or to pair with a related blog post & pin it to your Pinterest! When people are looking for ideas, they tend to search for the keyword ‘Free’. Tagging your images with these keywords can help bring your pins up (don’t forget the other keywords that relate to your freebie!)
  • Sell Something
    Let’s say you just created a great free budget tracker (like the FREE Budget Tracker for Success I created here *shameless plug*) and it’s getting a lot of buzz. Why not offer your readers an entire package of printables to help you create your household budget?
  • Use Tailwind
    While we all would love to just hang on Pinterest all day, we have jobs to do, blogs to run and lives to live. One thing I see commonly in my Blogger FaceBook Groups are those who struggle to fit in enough blog promotion. While Pinterest is often overlooked as a valuable platform for blog promotion, one popular pin can skyrocket your blog into success! One of the ways I utilize my time regarding new pins is to use Tailwind, an online tool/app that you can schedule pins to post to your Pinterest and/or Group Boards on the days & times you want them to. Many suggest that you should be pinning to your boards at minimum 30 pins daily. While those numbers may be harder to do it first, using Tailwind can help you to schedule more pins & give the illusion you’re in a pinning frenzy when you can’t actually be on Pinterest.
  • Join Pinterest Group Boards
    While pinning to your own boards is fine, if you’re new to Pinterest or still growing, your exposure is minimal. When you pin your image to group boards, you double (even triple!) your pin’s exposure, which increases the traffic to your blog!

My last tip about Pinterest Group Boards sounds great, but where do you find these groups? Fear not, I took the work out of getting started & have a list of Boards you can join.

[ Pinterest Group Boards to Join NOW ]

  1. The Blushing Mama
    Board Name: Mom | Foodie | Lifestyle | Blogs
    How to Join: Follow & Send a Message For an Invite
  2. Krista Dickson of Blog Beautifully
    Board Name: #Gilrboss Bloggers
    How to Join: Follow & Send Invitation Request Email to
  3. Elizabeth: CrazyBusyHappyLife
    Board Name: Women + Blogs
    How to Join: Follow and email with your Pinterest name or link and your blog
  4. Ashley Elizabeth Beauty
    Board Name: Beauty & Style Blogs Group Board
    How to Join: Follow then email 
  5. Lifestyle Queen Bee
    Board Name: The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging
    How to Join: Follow the board then email to be added

Check out Facebook for group boards to join such as a group I belong to: Pinterest Group Boards (Closed group).

Have any of your own Pinterest tips?
Share them int he comments below!